Bank vs Bitcoin: the epic saga of sidestepping the central banks

I’m starting to realize that blockchain platforms are being used by a lot of people as a quick Get Rich scheme, I also realize that there is a lot of benefit to having study the concepts of cryptocurrency. It’s all just a matter of reading in between the lines and trying to figure out what the big boys are doing. Sometimes you have to look at what’s right in front of you and try to to squint your eyes a little and see if you can see a bigger picture. The Bitcoin Revolution is just another cycle in the history of man and currency. You just have to look between the lines and see the bigger picture, Banks have no interest and watching Bitcoin succeed.

I’m just going to discuss the a point in history where Bitcoin ish moments happened. Here’s a question, what do Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy have in common that no other presidents have? I’m sure everyone can guess the obvious answer and that is that they were both assassinated, But did you also know that they were the only two presidents ever who tried to sidestep the central bank and or the Federal Reserve?

The only two Presidents in American History to attempt to go around the Federal Reserve

During the Civil War Abraham Lincoln had to figure out how he was going to finance the battle against the Confederate States. He went to the banks in New York, which were the leading Centers of banking at that time and asked the banks to finance his War efforts. The banks agreed to bankroll his efforts but with a 36% interest rate. Abe Lincoln wasn’t trying to have that. So what he decided to do was create greenbacks. Do you see where I’m going with this? By creating greenbacks he created a currency that sidestepped having to pay back the banks for Lending money.

Greenbacks were paper currency (printed in green on the back) issued by the United States during the American Civil War. They were in two forms: Demand Notes, issued in 1861–1862, and United States Notes issued in 1862–1865. They were legal tender by law, but were not backed by gold or silver, only the credibility of the U.S. government.

Cryptos are similar to greenbacks. That is why you are seeing all this push back in the Press from the banking industry i e the Federal Reserve. North America being the most used currency of trade, the concept of cryptocurrencies drives banking business out of business. One should ask themselves, why should Banks virtually make tons of money by administering fees on hard-working dollars for nothing? Banks no longer offered interest rates that were truly of any value to the consumer.  Eventually becoming almost a utility in regards to being able to move money in any meaningful and trusting way.  Once Banks controlled most of the wealth, Big boy banks were able to manipulate the value of the currency and force consumers to render under Caesar. After WWII, the dollar became the currency of trade: therefore controlling the politics of the world.

Another Bitcoin moment was during the Nixon administration. Everyone could remember a time when Urban Legend told you that back in the day, you could exchange your dollar for its proper weight in GOLD! Well, in theory that was true, the problem was, people rarely did. This trust was exploited by America….american banks & business men and started printing money like mad men. This breach of trust wasnt a secret for very long and it was all when the French decided to ask for their gold’s weight in gold of American currency. That when old dick moved the goal post by turning cash into gold, into cash into the faith and credit of the United States.

The Nixon shock was a series of economic measures undertaken by United States President Richard Nixon in 1971, the most significant of which was the unilateral cancellation of the direct international convertibility of the United States dollar to gold.

So…if you look at these two moments, youll realize that U.S. dollar as you know it….is a cryptocurrency in and of itself. It simply is controlled by the Central Banks & Federal Reserve. Keep in mind that the Federal Reserve isnt a government institution, its a private entity whose purpose is to lend money to the Federal Goverment…at 36% perhaps?

Why do you think you see so much negative press about Venezuela and their attempt to create the Petro. A country rich with a limited Natural resource trying to escape the clutches of the IMF or World Bank is the last things Petrol banks want to succeed, so they must work hard to destroy the belief in the currency. Currency as we know it….truly only has value as long as we believe it has value. The problem for Banks is that if they push to hard, they will have to expose their hand as well.

Citizens will be able to pay for fuel, airline and tourism services with cryptocurrencies, including the petro. Likewise, the government previously promised to accept petros for the payment of national taxes, fees and other public services.

Crypto’s are a threat because if people’s belief in them begin create a direct peer to peer financial transaction, there is no way for Banks to siphon off of your money. If people’s belief in crypto rivals the belief in the faith and credit of Central Banks, that will devastate banks. Well, not yet (maybe my next article….XRP, Big Banks and Bully Moves)!

So this is just one segment of my Bit from my piece of cyberspace.

Democracy: The Great American “Untested” handbrake!


I have come to the conclusion that this American notion of Democracy is truly an illusion. Sure we have the drama with Nixon, but he resigned and was pardoned by his successor. The drama with Bill wasn’t even directed in the proper direction. G.W. had his issues, but by American political standards, it was all legal, right? The drama with Barry was clearly racial and egotistical. The Don has somehow eclipsed almost every major tragedy that has happened in the last 20th & 21st centuries. The amount of shade thrown by the Trump administration seems like a surreal nightmare. From the time I fell asleep on the couch and ol’Rodham was down by a few points election night, to the moment I woke up and saw that D had won the presidency, I’ve felt like this is a nightmare that I can’t wake up from. Hadn’t our forefathers structured a handbrake to put the brakes on Political bullshit? What good is the “balance of powers” if no one is willing to exercise the power they have to put the brakes on political “bullshit“? Therefore, I have concluded that Democracy in America thus far is an illusion. We can chalk American Democracy up with the house with the white picket fence on the hill and American exceptionalism. The reason it has been and currently is an illusion is because we do not utilize the tools given to us to prevent situations that will stop us from having to deal with a President with ties to our historical nemesis Russia?  Had Democracy been real, the Don wouldn’t have gotten away with dismantling major foundations of our American Society. No we aren’t even sure if the “handbrake” works! Democracy is untested.

Nothing screams Little Richard like Trump’s latest Tweet!

The idiotic tweet from the President

He’s such a loser!  Once again, Donald J. Trump has solidified a running theory of mine.  I am at the point that I’m willing to bet the farm that Trump suffers from a Napoleonian deficit in the nether regions.

People who have a Washington monument or even a Vegas miniature replica monument has more cool than this guy.   It doesn’t take Stephen Hawking to figure this out.  This isn’t a conspiracy, I’ve just lived long enough to know a Little Richard when I see one.   All his mannerisms bode of a person who truly wants to be liked, knowing no one likes him.  I’m sure his supporters are beneath his standards to warrant a beer.

Image result for Donald Trump

His supporters come across as a bunch of Little Richards as well.   If you don’t know this to be true, then you may have never read the comments of one of your obscure white friends on Facebook (you really should).  Engaging with people who attempt to rationalize the idiocy of the current times only reminds you that education is important.  The arrogance that radiates from a commentator on Facebook is beyond reason.  Suddenly the arbitrary white male factory worker and even your IT techy type of dudes will structure sentences that will enrage any reasonably minded persons sense of intelligence.

Little Richards always have an incessant need to prove their manliness through some weird test.  It could be something as simple as a hyper-aggressive handshake, the constant need for affirmation from peers & others, Locker room talk that is suppose to prove how manly one is and how familiar he may be with women!   Little Richards are easily intimidated by people who are beloved without having to bring down a bucking bull with nothing but his teeth.     Natural cool is the ultimate nemesis of a Little Richard and often cause’s him resentment, envy and a great disdain for anyone who doesn’t hold him in a high opinion.

This Battle of Nitwits is like a long play that never wants to end!

What information does Russia have on members of the GOP

For a majority of their existence, people have always attributed security and prudence as traits of the Republican party.   At minimum, it was believed that the GOP had taken the “Pull Up by Bootstraps” class by Booker T. Washington and made it the central focus of their party’s platform.   When it came to patriotism, supporting our troops and tough compassion, you always knew that this would be the general angle Republicans would take towards any reform issued by them.  The one thing you could bet, that the Republicans were anti-communism and anti-russia, but lately, the actions of a lot of Republicans have become uncharacteristically odd.

This Special Investigation of the Trump Collusion fiasco has started to truly make me wonder, who is truly down for America?   I know that many FoxNews watchers are skeptical of Russian involvement, but it seems that almost every other news outlet in the known world seems to be under the impression that the Russians did in fact influence, if not turned the 2016 election into a win for Donald Trump.   As the information comes out, what you find out that the Trump Campaign wasn’t honest and forthright about all their involvements with Russian government officials (i.e. Jeff Sessions, Jared Kushner, Mike Flynn, Donald Trump Jr. ….etc.), yet you’ll be hard pressed to find a Republican that is interested trying to parcel out fact from fiction.

What’s up with that?

“It’s a significant issue. … We know they were messing around with it. We don’t think they had any impact on the outcome, but obviously we’re not going to ignore something like that.” – Mitch McConnell

“We have a special counsel that is doing investigation over at the Justice Department, we have an investigation here in the House, we have an investigation in the Senate, I think it is very important that these professionals and these committees do their job so we can get to the bottom of all of this.” – Paul Ryan

Mitch McConnell has done everything he can to dance around trying to get to the bottom of this issue, but based off of his comments, you wouldn’t be wrong to say he doesn’t seem serious about it.  It is no hidden tactic that when confronted with hard direct questions, McConnell will play as dumb and deaf as a doorknob.  Somehow, for todays’ press, this is accepted and not challenged.   He does everything he can to fain that he’s concerned by starting a Senate Investigative committee, but the Republicans are in control of the House and the Senate, so any real attempts to investigate seem more like a facade of an investigation than a true investigation.

There has been so much back dealing  done by the Republicans, that the concept of transparency seems like fantasia, more than an actual real concept.

When there have been Republicans that have stood against the Trump Administration or other Republicans, it seems that with this tax bill, they take the opposition into a back room, have a conversations and the opposition comes out of the backroom with a shameful grin and a commitment to vote along party lines.  Even Kevin McCarthy has stated that Donald Trump called him with a list of Representatives to apply pressure to and it appears that pressure has worked.  The thing about it is, most of the Republican opposition wasn’t based in procedural issues, but mainly moral ones that seem to be beaten out of them once they enter that “back room”.

So what happens in this “back room”?!?!?!

Let’s assume that Trump did have connections with the Russians, who are known to collect embarrassing and compromising information on people.  If there’s a possibility that the Russians have information on Trump, why wouldn’t it be concluded that they have information on other, less significant people?  Why does it seem that some of the Republicans who have made moral stances and stick by them are choosing to stand their ground and not run for re-election, but those who made a moral stance and are running for re-election have been taken into a back room and seem to convincingly change their moral position?

With all the scandals that seem to be unfolding, one has to wonder what kind of skeletons exist that can cause people with a “supposedly” moral position, give up their morals to side with the Trump Administration and the Russian plot to cause chaos amongst Western Democracies?  We already know from the dossier that was initially sponsored by a republican opponent of Trump during the primaries, that Trump had a very sordid past.  His Miss Universe pageant in Russia provided Trump with a lot of time to be in close proximity with Russian governmental officials.   We know he has constantly uttered that he has no involvement with the Russia despite the facts.

So I think its important that we keep an eye on these Republicans (and shady Sen. Manchin-D) and ask the hard questions of them.   Its one thing to think you smell smoke, but when you see it, there’s no doubt somewhere…there’s a fire.   If Russia has a ton of information on our governmental leaders, maybe its time we consider voting them out and electing candidates that haven’t started off rich or seem to be a tool of the Russians!

The Little Guy from Janesville, Wisconsin & why he’s screwing the Working Class



I’ve always noticed that Paul Ryan has always made it a point to let people know he’s from a little town called Janesville in Wisconsin.   It seems to be his most major line used to show that he is from humble means, but when you look at his policies and practices & Net Worth, it seems hes utterly set on destroying working class.   From his recently passed Tax bill and comments on his effort to attack poverty, it seems that Paul Ryan might be the biggest charlatan within the GOP.

Paul Ryan has a stunningly amazing Net Worth of almost 8 Million dollars in the year of 2017.   Think about that for a moment, a person who has typically worked in the Public Sector for most of his life has a value that most people who have worked in the private sector at the same company for 20 years has been unable to amass.   When you do some research on Paul Ryan, you’ll find that he has made some investments in rental property at one point, but what you find out by digging further is that hes play defense.  He’s not playing defense to protect the gains he made from being a landlord, what you’ll find is that he married into money.  His wife has inherited a lot of money from the passing of her parents, who at one point in time owned an oil company out of Oklahoma.   So now that Ryan has married up, we have to realize that he is no longer the same dude that saved his Social Security Benefit Checks for college, hes the dude who is trying to pass on millions to his donors, friends and family.    In an attempt to insure his place among some  of the wealthiest of Americans.

So now knowing that Paul Ryan is worth 8 million, what you get to see is that the little boy from Janesville, Wisconsin isn’t looking out for the average working American, hes looking to cover his own assets and those assets of his biggest donors.   This new tax bill is only set to allow the rich to keep more money and shift the burden of running the government on the little folk.  People like the citizens of Janesville, Wisconsin who’s average income is  $49, 372 a year.   He has removed all the valuable tax cuts that allow everyday working people to find relief at the beginning of the year via a tax refund.


What he has done is made it easier for the rich to make more money while essentially paying less in taxes for that money, while taxing the middle class to the point where they will actually see less as times goes on.

When I’d see his smug smile, I’ve always gotten the sense that this guy was under the impression that he was getting away with something.   After researching his NetWorth and the NetWorth of many of our leaders in the GOP, suddenly I realized that many in the GOP are the cuckolds of the SuperRich.

Maybe the American people need to do research on their elected officials and ask the hard question…is this person going to understand my needs.   Will these people help to make life easier and bearable?

Paul Ryan might be the most dishonest person in Congress.   Sure, many people will easily give that title to our Molester in Chief Da Don, but we all know he’s lying to us.   What’s most dangerous is to believe that someone has our best interest in mind when they do not.

It’s time for the American Citizenry to play their part in this democratic process of choosing our elected officials.   This must be done with due diligence and a desire to improve the life for all Americans and not play things according to party lines.   The leadership of both parties is Questionable and to assume that because your parents and grandparents were democrats and republicans means we should do the same.     We must work hard to stabilize the power differential between the Super Rich and the rest of the Americans.

I do not believe that Rich people are inherently bad, but I will say those who aspire to gain the rich’s approval by screwing us is the greatest threat to democracy.


The Punkassedness of Whiteness

The Punkassedness of the White House

It seems with racial tension at an all time high, it appears the White House is willing to double down on stupid.  Not only are they willing to double down, they are will to stamp and notarize stupidity on levels never seen before by the American public.  Nothing more capitalizes and emphasizes this point than the very staged move by Vice President Mike Pence today at the Colt vs. 49ers game in Indianapolis, Indiana.  It’s amazing how either arrogant this White House is, or simply another example of how this administration is willing to spend hard earned tax payers money at the expense of making some kind of asinine show of Ignorance by exemplify the Arrogance of their whiteness.


How hypocritical can you be than to walk out of a stadium because people choose to exercise their First Amendment rights!  Instead of being an example of tolerance, this administration is set on being an example of intolerance and a willingness to bet everything on this idea of White disdain veiled as Patriotism.  I think that people would have more respect for people if they were to simply state that they don’t care about the Police brutality and that they do not believe that the situation is as bad and as dire as black people are making it.  No matter how messed up it comes across, there is a respectability in being honest, that isn’t present when people dance around the obvious.  If anything is learned from the moves of this White House, is that they aren’t anything in which they say they are.


Part of the problem that I believe exists in America is an unwillingness of all rational minded people to simply call “a spade a spade”.   A lot of that is jammed up by relatively good white people being unwilling to take any risk on a righteous cause.   Now don’t get things twisted, there are a lot more “Bout it” white folks, but their numbers aren’t even a fraction of those who knowingly avoid any direct conflict because they are unwilling to inconvenience their lives simply because there is no immediate effect to their actions/momentary sacrifice.  Relatively cool white people who have grown up and around black people are content considering their black friends from Facebook as a fair representation of the diversity in their lives although they have no pictures with any of these same black friends in their adult lives!


All over America, white people At-Large are showing that they are not willing to confront anything that doesn’t glow on them positively.   As American as they want to be, they are unwilling to live the same beliefs they espouse that make them American Patriots.   What’s sad about this stance is that this level of willful ignorance is only going to position them in a horrible place come the future.   The unwillingness of white people to side on what’s right, will be a cause of their misery and will end up doing to them, what they were willing to do to others for so long.   If white people aren’t willing to show that they too are willing to make sacrifices for the great American idea, that in the long run, they will lose the liberties in which they’ve grown so comfortable denying to others.   No, we aren’t talking about the enslavement of white people and forcing them into labor, but rather they will become the stereotypes in which they often throw around freely on non-whites.


So what have I learned about whiteness?   I learned that whiteness is actually a disease in which impairs one’s ability to separate fact from fiction.  Whiteness allows people to live in the world, but never truly allows them to appreciate the beauty of life because the nuances and small details are lost, much like a man who is colorblind and can’t appreciate the beauty of autumn.  Whiteness allows people to rally behind a losing idea, like people who claim to be Americans, but constantly spout that the confederate flag is a symbol of Heritage.  Whiteness will allow people to be on the losing side of an argument, but somehow find a way to turn the fight for slavery to be misconstrued as a fight for states’ rights.  It seems to live in a world of whiteness is to never know what it means to be genuinely happy appreciate a world of diversity.   Whiteness is English measurement vs. practically taking on metric as a world standard.  Whiteness lets people think that they are smarter, so no one can ever tell them how stupid they are being.  Whiteness turns the world into a Disneyland in which reality is blonde hair and blue eyes, princesses and princes without the war and pain.    Whiteness is the biggest crock punkassedness of bullshit to ever hit the planet.   The rest of the world is hip and eventually, if white Americans & Europeans don’t adopt to reality and stop hiding behind a false sense of reality, will find themselves in a situation akin to when all other civilizations had plumbing, medicine and technology…..while others were in the caves still trying to figure out how to create fire.

The Rise of Cardi B: Why It Appears that Hoes Are Winning!!!!!!

“It’s cold outside but I’m still looking like a thottie.. because a hoe never gets cold.” – Cardi B

Bodak Yellow rapper Cardi B.

Recently, Ive noticed that a lot of “Proper” women have been upset with all the attention and success that Stripper turned Reality Tv Star turned Rapper Cardi B. has been receiving.   It’s not just Cardi B. who is receiving a lot of hate from the masses at-large, but perceived Hoes seem to be  on the winning side of life and hard working women aren’t understanding.  To understand this phenomenon you have to also understand the psyche of men and why women such as Cardi B are refreshing for men and oddly an inspiration for young women (For Right or For Wrong).


“A lot of people when they meet me will be like, you are just like your Instagram video. I’m like, b**** I know. That’s who I am.” Cardi B.



Cardi B to most women appears to be the type of woman that people get upset about cutting the lunch line.   She is one of those people who appears to use the haters as her motivators and those haters are angry!  I first found out about Cardi B via my oldest daughter who was following a rather charismatic stripper on Instagram.  At first, I was terrified that my first born Junior high school daughter was following a stripper on the Gram, but after investigating, I found her page nowhere as bad as I imagined.  In actuality, I was in agreement with a large majority of the things she was saying.   Veiled in a rough Dominican-New York accent was a wisdom that I truly thought most chicks probably need to hear and possibly embody.   Many of the things she spoke of spoke to a sense of independence, self-pride and determination.    Its odd saying that a stripper was dropping jewels of deep and profound insight, but in many ways, if anyone was going to teach people to rise from the ashes…..I’m starting to think that Cardi B was that Prophet sent from the land of Honess to help other hoes rise up from the strip club and follow their dreams by any means necessary.

The world met Cardi B on Season 6 of Love & Hip-Hop: New York and she came across very different than many of the other women that were previously on the show.  She wasn’t drama ridden in the same manner so many other women appeared to be entangled.  When people didn’t do Cardi right, you didn’t find her constantly crying the victimized role of “poor Me”, but rather a woman who was introspective and chose to learn from her mistakes and not revisit em.  Her candid nature and her desire to not take any shorts comes across as authentic and refreshing for many men who are use to women trying to comport themselves in a manner that a few degrees off from center.  There seemed to be no shame in her game and because of that her appeal increased.

By the end of her first season, you could hear the murmurs of hateration building.  Criticism of her crooked teeth and her deep Bronx accent were constantly being pointed out in Chat rooms and in the comment section of articles written about her and the show.   During the reunion show she informed people that she was aware of the criticism, but appear unphased.  Not too long after her reunion show her mixtape came out and she was starting to hit all the major cities in obscure venues, but her name was slowly and surely rising higher and higher in web search, popularity and peoples conscious.  By the 7th season she had gotten her teeth fixed and was working on her music.   She retired the pole and started to do shows and appear on shows getting that paper despite her haters!

Without question, the girl that many of the “proper” women consider a hoe is now their man’s ringtone.   Every time they turn around, you hear a Cardi B song on the radio.   So what is her secret????

  1.  she formally was a stripper.   IF you know anything about a stripper who is worth their weight in salt knows that not only are they proficient in twerking and ass clapping, but a great read of men.  Often many strippers know the good guys from the weirdos.   So with a heightened sense of “Ho Vision” Hoes are able to see opportunities that the “proper” women take for granted.
  2.   Hoe’s aren’t afraid of showing their crazy side.
  3.   A hoe’s frank nature is often considered a relief when dealing in a world of women who often are hiding their flaws.
  4.   A hoes since of diplomacy often leaves men not questioning where they stand.
  5. Hoes aren’t afraid to be a little risque
  6. Most modern day ho’s aren’t whores as much as they are opportunist.  Many of todays ho’s aren’t really afraid to cease the moment even if a guy thinks hes going to partake in her honess
  7. A woman who is in touch with herself and her sexuality often is more attractive than a chick who wants you to wait to find out what she’s about.

In the end, Hoes win, because they are willing to put it all out on the floor.   If more women want to have more meaningful and lasting relationships, maybe its time to kill the Claire Huxtable in the back of your mind….and try to be like Cardi B.

Hollywood’s War on Trump

Website for Committee To Investigate Russia


With all the news coverage on the Trump Investigation, one would think that the average news watcher has a relatively firm grasp on things.  Yet, everyday, there’s something new to add to the story on a regular basis.   It wasn’t hard to tell that Hollywood was one of the most vocal communities that had the most issues with Donald J. Trump becoming President of the United States.   With the help of many of Hollywood’s elite and powerful, Rob Reiner and a gang of his friends have formed the Committee to Investigate Russia.   This is a site where the exploits of the Trump investigation have been chronicled in a coherent fashion so that the most novice reader can follow.   If anything, this is Hollywood’s biggest Middle Finger to President Donald J. Trump.

Hollywood is not holding back.  They have employed some serious investigators and actors to help get the information about the investigation into the hands of Americans.   There’s no doubt that you will have your fair share of naysayers, but this site does a good job of being able to create a platform where you can click on anywhere and pull up some information by the investigation.   If the scores of information doesn’t move you, maybe this captivating short by Actor Morgan Freeman can help these people put things into perspective.

Morgan Freeman can make any situation seem scary!

Check out the site from the Committee to Investigate Russia!


Have A Talk With God


Typically I am a person who holds his relationship with God relatively private. In these days of judgement and false prophets, I prefer to simply deal with my relationship with God in my own manner (Seeing everyone says they know how, but rarely have proof) . Recently, something happened in my life that took awhile to process. From this deliberation I concluded a few things that I would like to share….

The Setup

I’ve been fortunate to be in a great parenting position as a father.   Their mothers works as a teacher and I work from home,  to take care of my 18 mos. daughter (Neffi) and in the process of launching my own Media Platform.   In the mean time, I occasionally broker travel for Groups, Individuals & Businesses and during summers take people on tours around the world.   My partner and I agreed that with the way the world is today, we cannot trust the our daughters to daycare.  So at that time of the birth of Sheppy, my second daughter, we took a look at things, weighed the pros and Cons of working and realized what we saw was not what we’d want for our children.   I have 3 daughters Buddah (18), Sheppy (6) and Neffi (18 mos.) and they are my world.   So, I made the choice to HFH (Hustle from home).

With the way the world is, the economy has been going up and down like rides at 6 flags.   Needless to say, the travel portion of my business, recently has taken a major hit.  Things were getting tight and I promised the year before to Sheppy, that I would get her into a better school than the one she was in.   This neighborhood was right across the street, but academically, it was the Tale of Two Schools!  There wasn’t Juxtaposition, rather, there’s a difference between Chaps by Ralph Lauren and Polo!  I promised my daughter I would get her Polo, but the delivery of that promise seemed in question.   So I found myself beating my brain out for ways to generate cash and provide the things that my family wants and needs.

The Prayer

One late evening/early morning, I was up.  (Plays Paid in Full) :

Thinkin of a master plan
’cause ain’t nuthin but sweat inside my hand
So I dig into my pocket, all my money is spent
So I dig deeper but still comin up with lint
So I start my mission- leave my residence
Thinkin how could I get some dead presidents
I was stressing!  The lease was soon going to be up and money is tight.   The area in which we wanted to live was all booked up and it seemed that an alternative wasn’t available.   My oldest is graduating this month, I needed to move, I needed to get a very high deposit and haven’t brokered a trip in a min.
I was stressed.  So to my local Royal Farms I go.  (best chicken convenience store chicken, EVER!!!!!!!!!) I was in need of a nice cold Coke and some fresh air.  It was around 2:30 a.m. and I had the roads to myself.   On my way home, my thinking had come to a wall.  My spirit was, distressed, my hopes a little tarnished and my resolve in getting this done was all but broken.  At some point in time on my return trip, I resigned to the Universe.  I said (paraphrasing):
Lord, I’ve hit a wall
I’m stressed and I feel lost
I can not figure out what to do
Listen Lord, I give up
I need your help
and cannot see my way without you
So I am asking for your help God
 whatever is your will, I will accept fully


I parked my car, went into the house and fell asleep.  Although I thought this was regular prayer, it wasn’t.

The Answer

Later on that afternoon, I was hanging with Neffi and a friend of mine in the living room.  There had been torrential down pours and strong winds most of the day.  It was unusual to me, but with Global Warming, uncanny weather had become apart of the norm.   As I looked out the window I noticed that a strong continuous gust had taken two large & tall trees that were standing side by side and blew them completely apart as if someone was peeking through them.  Next thing I knew, I heard the windows rattling consistently and as I tried to look through them, it was hard to distinguish anything on the other side.   Suddenly, I saw the roof over my front porch lift up.  As the roof lifted, I could see the my ceiling separate from the walls and sky had become visible.   As soon as I was able to recognize all that was going on, the roof slammed down onto the porch  and my ceiling began to crack.

I yelled to my friend to Run towards the back of the apartment, because the front appeared to be crumbling and there was no exit.  She grabbed Neffi and before I knew it, we were both in the back bedroom.   “Holy Shit!!!!” I yelled.


Needless to say, my apartment was considered condemned by the city and I had to pack up my family and things and move.    Fortunately for me, I happen to get an apartment in the neighborhood in which I promised my daughter she could go to school. None of my things were damaged by the storm and I’m fortunate that my father lived around the corner.  So after 2 weeks of staying with him, we are now in a better apartment in a better school zone, that my daughter will be attending next fall.

So after having asked God for help, 12 hours later, all my prayers were answered by aid of a storm that happen to only destroy my building and no other.

This is my testimony to power of God and how he answers prayers.   The moral of the story is, be specific when you ask God for help.  If you leave you a prayer open for interpretation, God might choose a path that is sudden and unexpected.  Its important that you go to God with a humble and faithful heart.  I am not saying that all prayers will get such an immediate response, but my story is proof that God does hear you prayers.  There’s wisdom to the old adage “Be careful of what you  ask for, you just might get it!”.

I wrote this little blog as a sign of appreciation to God for having looked out for me and my family.  It is only through The Most High that all things are possible.  So as a person who has seen dark days, please, please, please don’t give in to despair.   Operate from a place of faith.  Sometimes, in order to get out of darkness you must move towards the light.  You will not be forsaken!


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