Hollywood’s War on Trump
Hollywood’s War on Trump

Hollywood’s War on Trump

Website for Committee To Investigate Russia


With all the news coverage on the Trump Investigation, one would think that the average news watcher has a relatively firm grasp on things.  Yet, everyday, there’s something new to add to the story on a regular basis.   It wasn’t hard to tell that Hollywood was one of the most vocal communities that had the most issues with Donald J. Trump becoming President of the United States.   With the help of many of Hollywood’s elite and powerful, Rob Reiner and a gang of his friends have formed the Committee to Investigate Russia.   This is a site where the exploits of the Trump investigation have been chronicled in a coherent fashion so that the most novice reader can follow.   If anything, this is Hollywood’s biggest Middle Finger to President Donald J. Trump.

Hollywood is not holding back.  They have employed some serious investigators and actors to help get the information about the investigation into the hands of Americans.   There’s no doubt that you will have your fair share of naysayers, but this site does a good job of being able to create a platform where you can click on anywhere and pull up some information by the investigation.   If the scores of information doesn’t move you, maybe this captivating short by Actor Morgan Freeman can help these people put things into perspective.

Morgan Freeman can make any situation seem scary!

Check out the site from the Committee to Investigate Russia!


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