The Punkassedness of Whiteness
The Punkassedness of Whiteness

The Punkassedness of Whiteness

The Punkassedness of the White House

It seems with racial tension at an all time high, it appears the White House is willing to double down on stupid.  Not only are they willing to double down, they are will to stamp and notarize stupidity on levels never seen before by the American public.  Nothing more capitalizes and emphasizes this point than the very staged move by Vice President Mike Pence today at the Colt vs. 49ers game in Indianapolis, Indiana.  It’s amazing how either arrogant this White House is, or simply another example of how this administration is willing to spend hard earned tax payers money at the expense of making some kind of asinine show of Ignorance by exemplify the Arrogance of their whiteness.


How hypocritical can you be than to walk out of a stadium because people choose to exercise their First Amendment rights!  Instead of being an example of tolerance, this administration is set on being an example of intolerance and a willingness to bet everything on this idea of White disdain veiled as Patriotism.  I think that people would have more respect for people if they were to simply state that they don’t care about the Police brutality and that they do not believe that the situation is as bad and as dire as black people are making it.  No matter how messed up it comes across, there is a respectability in being honest, that isn’t present when people dance around the obvious.  If anything is learned from the moves of this White House, is that they aren’t anything in which they say they are.


Part of the problem that I believe exists in America is an unwillingness of all rational minded people to simply call “a spade a spade”.   A lot of that is jammed up by relatively good white people being unwilling to take any risk on a righteous cause.   Now don’t get things twisted, there are a lot more “Bout it” white folks, but their numbers aren’t even a fraction of those who knowingly avoid any direct conflict because they are unwilling to inconvenience their lives simply because there is no immediate effect to their actions/momentary sacrifice.  Relatively cool white people who have grown up and around black people are content considering their black friends from Facebook as a fair representation of the diversity in their lives although they have no pictures with any of these same black friends in their adult lives!


All over America, white people At-Large are showing that they are not willing to confront anything that doesn’t glow on them positively.   As American as they want to be, they are unwilling to live the same beliefs they espouse that make them American Patriots.   What’s sad about this stance is that this level of willful ignorance is only going to position them in a horrible place come the future.   The unwillingness of white people to side on what’s right, will be a cause of their misery and will end up doing to them, what they were willing to do to others for so long.   If white people aren’t willing to show that they too are willing to make sacrifices for the great American idea, that in the long run, they will lose the liberties in which they’ve grown so comfortable denying to others.   No, we aren’t talking about the enslavement of white people and forcing them into labor, but rather they will become the stereotypes in which they often throw around freely on non-whites.


So what have I learned about whiteness?   I learned that whiteness is actually a disease in which impairs one’s ability to separate fact from fiction.  Whiteness allows people to live in the world, but never truly allows them to appreciate the beauty of life because the nuances and small details are lost, much like a man who is colorblind and can’t appreciate the beauty of autumn.  Whiteness allows people to rally behind a losing idea, like people who claim to be Americans, but constantly spout that the confederate flag is a symbol of Heritage.  Whiteness will allow people to be on the losing side of an argument, but somehow find a way to turn the fight for slavery to be misconstrued as a fight for states’ rights.  It seems to live in a world of whiteness is to never know what it means to be genuinely happy appreciate a world of diversity.   Whiteness is English measurement vs. practically taking on metric as a world standard.  Whiteness lets people think that they are smarter, so no one can ever tell them how stupid they are being.  Whiteness turns the world into a Disneyland in which reality is blonde hair and blue eyes, princesses and princes without the war and pain.    Whiteness is the biggest crock punkassedness of bullshit to ever hit the planet.   The rest of the world is hip and eventually, if white Americans & Europeans don’t adopt to reality and stop hiding behind a false sense of reality, will find themselves in a situation akin to when all other civilizations had plumbing, medicine and technology…..while others were in the caves still trying to figure out how to create fire.

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