The Little Guy from Janesville, Wisconsin & why he’s screwing the Working Class
The Little Guy from Janesville, Wisconsin & why he’s screwing the Working Class

The Little Guy from Janesville, Wisconsin & why he’s screwing the Working Class



I’ve always noticed that Paul Ryan has always made it a point to let people know he’s from a little town called Janesville in Wisconsin.   It seems to be his most major line used to show that he is from humble means, but when you look at his policies and practices & Net Worth, it seems hes utterly set on destroying working class.   From his recently passed Tax bill and comments on his effort to attack poverty, it seems that Paul Ryan might be the biggest charlatan within the GOP.

Paul Ryan has a stunningly amazing Net Worth of almost 8 Million dollars in the year of 2017.   Think about that for a moment, a person who has typically worked in the Public Sector for most of his life has a value that most people who have worked in the private sector at the same company for 20 years has been unable to amass.   When you do some research on Paul Ryan, you’ll find that he has made some investments in rental property at one point, but what you find out by digging further is that hes play defense.  He’s not playing defense to protect the gains he made from being a landlord, what you’ll find is that he married into money.  His wife has inherited a lot of money from the passing of her parents, who at one point in time owned an oil company out of Oklahoma.   So now that Ryan has married up, we have to realize that he is no longer the same dude that saved his Social Security Benefit Checks for college, hes the dude who is trying to pass on millions to his donors, friends and family.    In an attempt to insure his place among some  of the wealthiest of Americans.

So now knowing that Paul Ryan is worth 8 million, what you get to see is that the little boy from Janesville, Wisconsin isn’t looking out for the average working American, hes looking to cover his own assets and those assets of his biggest donors.   This new tax bill is only set to allow the rich to keep more money and shift the burden of running the government on the little folk.  People like the citizens of Janesville, Wisconsin who’s average income is  $49, 372 a year.   He has removed all the valuable tax cuts that allow everyday working people to find relief at the beginning of the year via a tax refund.


What he has done is made it easier for the rich to make more money while essentially paying less in taxes for that money, while taxing the middle class to the point where they will actually see less as times goes on.

When I’d see his smug smile, I’ve always gotten the sense that this guy was under the impression that he was getting away with something.   After researching his NetWorth and the NetWorth of many of our leaders in the GOP, suddenly I realized that many in the GOP are the cuckolds of the SuperRich.

Maybe the American people need to do research on their elected officials and ask the hard question…is this person going to understand my needs.   Will these people help to make life easier and bearable?

Paul Ryan might be the most dishonest person in Congress.   Sure, many people will easily give that title to our Molester in Chief Da Don, but we all know he’s lying to us.   What’s most dangerous is to believe that someone has our best interest in mind when they do not.

It’s time for the American Citizenry to play their part in this democratic process of choosing our elected officials.   This must be done with due diligence and a desire to improve the life for all Americans and not play things according to party lines.   The leadership of both parties is Questionable and to assume that because your parents and grandparents were democrats and republicans means we should do the same.     We must work hard to stabilize the power differential between the Super Rich and the rest of the Americans.

I do not believe that Rich people are inherently bad, but I will say those who aspire to gain the rich’s approval by screwing us is the greatest threat to democracy.


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