What information does Russia have on members of the GOP

For a majority of their existence, people have always attributed security and prudence as traits of the Republican party.   At minimum, it was believed that the GOP had taken the “Pull Up by Bootstraps” class by Booker T. Washington and made it the central focus of their party’s platform.   When it came to patriotism, supporting our troops and tough compassion, you always knew that this would be the general angle Republicans would take towards any reform issued by them.  The one thing you could bet, that the Republicans were anti-communism and anti-russia, but lately, the actions of a lot of Republicans have become uncharacteristically odd.

This Special Investigation of the Trump Collusion fiasco has started to truly make me wonder, who is truly down for America?   I know that many FoxNews watchers are skeptical of Russian involvement, but it seems that almost every other news outlet in the known world seems to be under the impression that the Russians did in fact influence, if not turned the 2016 election into a win for Donald Trump.   As the information comes out, what you find out that the Trump Campaign wasn’t honest and forthright about all their involvements with Russian government officials (i.e. Jeff Sessions, Jared Kushner, Mike Flynn, Donald Trump Jr. ….etc.), yet you’ll be hard pressed to find a Republican that is interested trying to parcel out fact from fiction.

What’s up with that?

“It’s a significant issue. … We know they were messing around with it. We don’t think they had any impact on the outcome, but obviously we’re not going to ignore something like that.” – Mitch McConnell

“We have a special counsel that is doing investigation over at the Justice Department, we have an investigation here in the House, we have an investigation in the Senate, I think it is very important that these professionals and these committees do their job so we can get to the bottom of all of this.” – Paul Ryan

Mitch McConnell has done everything he can to dance around trying to get to the bottom of this issue, but based off of his comments, you wouldn’t be wrong to say he doesn’t seem serious about it.  It is no hidden tactic that when confronted with hard direct questions, McConnell will play as dumb and deaf as a doorknob.  Somehow, for todays’ press, this is accepted and not challenged.   He does everything he can to fain that he’s concerned by starting a Senate Investigative committee, but the Republicans are in control of the House and the Senate, so any real attempts to investigate seem more like a facade of an investigation than a true investigation.

There has been so much back dealing  done by the Republicans, that the concept of transparency seems like fantasia, more than an actual real concept.

When there have been Republicans that have stood against the Trump Administration or other Republicans, it seems that with this tax bill, they take the opposition into a back room, have a conversations and the opposition comes out of the backroom with a shameful grin and a commitment to vote along party lines.  Even Kevin McCarthy has stated that Donald Trump called him with a list of Representatives to apply pressure to and it appears that pressure has worked.  The thing about it is, most of the Republican opposition wasn’t based in procedural issues, but mainly moral ones that seem to be beaten out of them once they enter that “back room”.

So what happens in this “back room”?!?!?!

Let’s assume that Trump did have connections with the Russians, who are known to collect embarrassing and compromising information on people.  If there’s a possibility that the Russians have information on Trump, why wouldn’t it be concluded that they have information on other, less significant people?  Why does it seem that some of the Republicans who have made moral stances and stick by them are choosing to stand their ground and not run for re-election, but those who made a moral stance and are running for re-election have been taken into a back room and seem to convincingly change their moral position?

With all the scandals that seem to be unfolding, one has to wonder what kind of skeletons exist that can cause people with a “supposedly” moral position, give up their morals to side with the Trump Administration and the Russian plot to cause chaos amongst Western Democracies?  We already know from the dossier that was initially sponsored by a republican opponent of Trump during the primaries, that Trump had a very sordid past.  His Miss Universe pageant in Russia provided Trump with a lot of time to be in close proximity with Russian governmental officials.   We know he has constantly uttered that he has no involvement with the Russia despite the facts.

So I think its important that we keep an eye on these Republicans (and shady Sen. Manchin-D) and ask the hard questions of them.   Its one thing to think you smell smoke, but when you see it, there’s no doubt somewhere…there’s a fire.   If Russia has a ton of information on our governmental leaders, maybe its time we consider voting them out and electing candidates that haven’t started off rich or seem to be a tool of the Russians!

Black Lives Matters: Do Black men matter?

As a black man in America, there is no way in the world I could not get behind the idea that Black Lives Matter.  So when I noticed the formation of the movement after the Trayvon Martin murder, I appreciated the what seemed to be a grassroots slogan/mantra that was advocating for the lives of all black people against police & racial violence.  So I did what all Facebook users do….I showed my solidarity with the cause by blacking-out my profile.  I went into posts with a defensive posture of Goku daring anyone to challenge the notion BLACK LIVES MATTER.  Then one day, one of my conspiracists friend sent a link that truly started my inquiry into exactly who Black Lives Matter as an organization is and what they are about. 

I give no credence to conspiracies unless its backed with information that is comprehensible and relatively logical, so i often disregard forwards, links & videos with the quickness.  On this day my curiosity was obviously peeked so I followed this random white woman who was attempting to do some forensic accounting of BLM’s donations through a company that disperses monies donated through the internet in the form of donations.  She went directly to the site and just started clicking on actual links in which told you about the organization.  So naturally I did as well.

their mission as an organization seems to disregard the importance of Black males

I clicked on the About Us tab and then the What We Believe hyperlinks and that’sScreen Grab from BLM site
when I started to feel funny.  In bold print
was everything you’d expect BLM to be about,  but in a much smaller font was things that I wasn’t sure I wanted to be apart of.  Not because I was against their beliefs,  but the fact that their mission as an organization seems to disregard the importance of Black males, is actively attempting to “disrupt” things that most people may actually like and love about being black and having a black family, and attempting to “Pork-Bill” in another agenda that they do not promote on National Television.  

Screen grab from site

I support BLM in the areas of justice for black people against racial killings, sanctioned local government police killings, systemic oppression & etc., but in regards to how I raise my children and what their beliefs are, we do not agree.  When people start throwing around prefixes like hetero- and cis- I start to feel a bit manipulated.

There’s also this very strange disregard for Black Men in their mission statement.  They reference mothers and Trans, but no mention or real reference towards men.  How can they not mention Black Men when those are the same people that they rally around when they are taking donations.   Where are the hetero Black Men in their leadership and if they don’t have any,  why?

I was not under the impression that BLACK LIVES MATTER meant everyone but Black men.  Im not knocking their sexual identities or preferences,  but i have an issue with the conflation between fighting for black people as a whole….and individual rights as a sexual..non-binary or trans identity.  Yet when you see BLM representatives you rarely if ever hear them make mention of their other charges as an organization. The real question is why?

I agree with the initial direction of Black Lives Matter, but am truly considering finding another organization that doesn’t conflate being black with LGBTQ+. Not that I don’t believe the LGBTQ+ community doesn’t need advocacy, but have been taught from the civil rights era, that many people benefitted from the sacrifices of the Black people as a whole, yet here we are still saying Black Lives Matter.

Please go to the Black Lives Matter site and investigate for yourself. You might be surprised at what you discover.  Remember Black Lives matter when we include All Black Lives, but black bodies and black heterosexual men should not be relegated to the sidelines.  This seems to be a covert action by black feminists who don’t mind to capitalize off the death of black men, but doesn’t seem to want them around at the table for discussion nor have a place in the black community in the future.

Ahmaud Arbery shouldn’t have been killed……

Ahmaud Arbery shouldnt have been killed. Let’s be honest for a moment though…

I’m not condoning the killing of anyone…..

But after today…I bet a lot of black parents are lecturing their kids about minding their own damn business and not to take unnecessary risks.

He should not have been killed! But as a black man in America…….. I know….that Ahmaud could’ve possibly avoided all this if…he had in fact kept jogging/walking or whatever else he was doing around there. He had no business….going up into anyone else’s stuff in a neighborhood ( particularly white) where he wasn’t invited.

Ahmaud Arbery allegedly inside of a house in which was having renovations done. Images were captured by CCTV left on premises.

You can talk about his freedom and his right to whatever in theory….but the reality of being a Black man in America doesn’t give a fuck about all that. Everyday it’s real world scenarios!!!!! Being a black man, is to understand and be aware of the consequences of your actions before you act. To become an actuary of your own fate knowing the rules vary due to perceptions, scenarios, situation and circumstances. To be a black man….more than any other race or gender that I’ve witnessed is to be guilty before being innocent.

Clips from news images of Ahmaud Arbery running and images after having been shot by the McMichaels

Knowing these facts to be true….I operate accordingly, if I want to survive. Again..I’m not condoning the killers….and I’m not admonishing Ahmaud….. I’m doing what I have to do to continue to survive as a black man…….. I’m learning…….

The McMichaels who attempted to make a citizens arrest on Ahmaud Arbery.

The killing of Ahmaud is horrific. Not completely implausible, but if you’ve lived long enough to understand how America truly works, then nothing is really surprising anymore.

Why I ain’t feeling Pete Buttigieg!

Lately, the new darling of the Democratic party seems to be the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg. Based on the polling from RealClearPolitics, he is ranking top 5 in most of the polls. Pundits advocate for his potential ascension to the throne, but one thing seems to stand in his way…….. Black people!!!! Yes, the one voting block that any democrat needs, but hates to admit.  Many pundits want to attribute his low scoring with the Black community to the fact that he’s Gay, but anybody who knows black people know…..that isn’t it for the majority.   The most racially segregated populations in this modern pluralistic society, from my outside observance, is the gay community.  So I do not believe that his sexuality plays a direct role in his low scoring amongst black folk.   It seems that people are struggling for the answer, so I thought that I would share my viewpoint on Mayor Pete and why he may not be resonating with the Black community.

Image result for pete buttigieg

As an African-American, I tend to see things in a particular light that most white Americans might not see. Also, African-Americans have had a long history of being able to study white people in a way that white people take for granted when it comes to interacting with people of different backgrounds. So I’m sure that I’ll present some bias, but understand, these biases have always served as a tool to survive in a world that often didn’t treat people of color kindly. Yet this bias helped black people survive the whimsical nature of race relations over the years. With that being said……..

Image result for pete buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg reminds me of the dude at your job who would snitch on you if he didn’t like you. Or the dude who sees you everyday but refuses to speak unless you speak first, or if he needs something. The way that he presents himself comes across too refined and too matter-of-fact. Sure, those are qualities that you’d want in your president, but his presentation of self comes off very hollow and superficial. He fails to connect to black people because from what he presents, he resembles that asshole cop who could write you a warning but is trying to give you a ticket to teach you a lesson.

Image result for pete buttigieg caricature

To flip Doughboy’s infamous line from John Singleton’s Boyz N the Hood, Pete Buttigieg “don’t know, don’t show, or don’t care about what’s going on with black people!” and it’s apparent to most black folk. He seems to lack a certain level of humility that is required to gain the respect of black folk. Very similar to the white co-worker that you invite to a family function, yet he still seems oddly nervous, as if he’s on the verge of getting jacked in Aunt Esther’s crib. The eternal untrusting white person, who…you know if the revolution goes down, there’s a chance….he might sell you out to save himself.

Image result for pete buttigieg and husband on a swing

He reminds me of the last person in the world Id want to stand up for me in a fight. There is nothing about his presentation that says he is willing to stand up and fight for black people on a Moral basis. There’s nothing about his courting that says to me, that he sincerely sees the problems that exist in the black community. Knowing him to be mayor and knowing that 25% of the black population is below the poverty line in South Bend, you just get this feeling that he’s nothing more but a keeper of the status quo.

Black people by nature, make a lot of judgments from their internal biases. So in order to get most African-Americans to even consider you, you first have to make them feel comfortable. I expect all politicians to tell me things I want to hear and tell me things that sound like they are in my best interest, but people like Pete, just make me feel as soon as he’s in office, all those promises and pledges will go right out the window.

Image result for suspicious black people

The reason why?!?!?! Pete Buttigieg doesn’t engage black people and their issues as if thinks they are his equal. If he’s hated because of his sexuality… it’s like that Gay dude at your job…that even the Gay people can’t stand. He doesn’t seem like the type of man that would sit with me at a table and have lunch, because he’s interested in being a friend. He seems to resemble that dude who sits with you at lunch so he isn’t alone. He seems only interested in the black vote for what it can get him, not what he can do for black people and not even because he wants to make America better.

Peep This:

With the vastness of the internet, it has become inevitable that a well meaning music head will start to lose sight of what’s hip and fresh. The internet is a monster to tame and finding good music has become a lot harder to run by. No algorithm can replace a good ear and vibe. Often you find out that you paid a whole years subscription to own absolutely nothing fs money gets tight. The playlist becomes mundane and often the deepest of heads cannot find time to do the proper research and time it takes to find musical gems.

So this segment of the site is dedicated to attempting to put people “on” to what may be right under their noses. If you are subscribed to a service ( Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Google…etc) and don’t have an organized music listing system, you truly are wasting your money. It would be more cost efficient to download the 8 or 9 albums you listen to and use an app like TuneIn or Radio.Com….or simply the radio. Hopefully, the artist highlighted here will help you maximize the use of your subscription services.


It is really hard and refreshing not to be able to put someone into a box and this brother and his social collective seem to be on to something rather cool, real and quintessentially “Cool”. What is more than evident is the influence of Hip-Hop in its most basic form. Although he was born in Jamaica, it looks like he was cultivated in the VA. Son of religious folks, he still sites Cab Calloway, Andre 3000 and John P. Kee as influences. Like the crew around him, they all seem to focus on being focused and dedicated to each individual track they lay down. Similar to the notion that classical music has its “Movements”, his music movements remind you of hanging out with a friend who just has really good musical talent and you’re chilling in his studio.

Nothing is more evident of that than the track Old Age

The themes of the music are funny, reflective, catchy and will sound good on any stereo system on your way from home.

I first found out about this dude on YouTube with another artist I will introduce you to momentarily. So the first video I found was when I was looking at performances from the Red Bull Studios in the UK. I often watch foreign internet channels and artist, because it seems like they might be on to something we Americans just typically aren’t, but we should be.

If you’re like me, after seeing this video…..I was like “Okay!!!!!”!!! Who’s the white boy with dreads?!?!?!?

FKJ ( French Kiwi Juice)

The dude right there Ladies and gentlemen is the big and bad FKJ

Ever since I studied French in high school, I’ve always found myself attracted to the French culture. They’ve always seemed to have a great ear for R&B, Jazz & Hip-Hop. I use to listen to Mc Solaar, I kept LaHaine on repeat. With my affinity towards most things French, it gives me great pleasure to put you on to FKJ.

When you say one cool MoFo, this dude is the personification of cool and music talent. A lot of people are amazed when they know an artist plays multiple instruments, but this dude does it all at the same time. You already saw all he could do in that Tadow Video, but just imagine this:

They Wish They Could Just Hang Us, Like they use to

Who hasn’t loved all the angry and confused Trump supporters getting their panties in a bunch over the Nike Ad featuring Colin Kaepernick?  It was no surprise that droves of hypocritical America-Loving, Confederate and Union Flag carrying white Americans and a few sprinkles of minorities took to the streets and to the internet to show their disdain for Nike backing such a “divisive” figure.   Nike, America’s most prominent tennis shoe maker was in the cross-hairs of every right-wing dotard; hence the reason why social media is littered with people taking tennis shoes and jerseys, setting them ablaze for the world to see.   They thought that somehow they were hurting the company, although they had already given the Kaepernick backer their money.   This isn’t unusual. History states that whenever a person of color or someone of some minority group makes a stance against cultural norms, the fringe, far-right, conservative and the anally wounded segments of society starts to rear their ugly head.   America has always had these moments when a certain segments of our society starts to act a fool.  Fortunately, many of us don’t have to worry about an angry Mob storming our houses and pulling us out in the middle of the night (the exception) but believe me…..if many of these people could have their way, that’s exactly what they would do.

Burn Nike Burn

Lynchings have been used in the United States as a means to intimidate, humiliate and terrorize those who were not apart of what was perceived to be the “norm”.   It wasn’t used exclusively on blacks, although blacks were the largest demographic.   Lynchings are evil, but for many whites, it was a form of comradery and entertainment.   Picnics were had and post cards made of black bodies hanging in the midst of a large crowd.  Men, Women & children stood posed for the cameraman to snap his picture next to the body hanging in the tree, or the charred body on the ground.  Lynchings were usually a big social affair that drew white people from far and wide, but during the latter part of the 20th century, it was more done at night, by smaller groups in somewhat isolated parts of the country where news didn’t always travel fast.   It had become the primary way to intimidate and force people to the will of whoever was in power.

Lynchings that occurred during the early part of the 20th Century

The current social climate is ripe for this kind of thing.   Lynchings are a bit extreme, Now, but the energy is used in others ways.  That energy has now turned into burning sneakers, hanging dolls in trees, the random stabbing on the bus stop, shooting kids of color on the playground and the constant humiliation of black citizens in the streets.   It is a sign of the shifting time and where the power plates are shifting underneath our feet.  Insecurity is hitting white America like a ton of bricks and anyone in proximity can get it.

The Impudence of Melania Trump

Melania Trump McCain


Melania Trump has the audacity to criticize whoever the New York Times Op-Ed Sr. Level dude is by crafting some kind of smart-ass response.  It’s almost jaw-dropping to think she’d have the gall to actually weigh in on anything political.  Maybe it is safe to assume that Donald Trump actually forced her to put out a comment.   To believe that she’d actually decide to weigh into a political discourse is akin to watching a solar eclipse.  You see it happening…..understand the science, yet you still can’t believe that its happening.

In black communities, there’s a phrase that we use……Stay in your lane!   Stay in your lane means, stay out of business that has nothing to do with you.  I think the military says something like…” it’s above your pay-grade”.    For her to have anything to say about her political ideas always falls on deaf ears.  People struggle to understand her, she’s always walking around trying to model something.

After Michelle Obama, this is truly a fall from grace.   She operates like an Eastern European Stepford wife.  At least when Michelle Obama spoke, you could relate to her.  She came across completely humble, but still had an air that commanded respect.  Melania Trump simply leaves you with a confused look upon our countenances.  Bewildered, confused and haunted by her naked photos that once circulated across newsfeeds on Facebook.

But let’s look at her statement:

“To the writer of the op-ed — you are not protecting this country, you are sabotaging it with your cowardly actions.”

What is it that he/she is sabotaging?   Cowardly actions?   Bih….really?  She must have forgotten who she is married to, but that’s hard to believe.   She hardly wants to even hold his hand, but she has the audacity to tell someone else how to deal with her husband?  Maybe it’s unfair and fortunately, I’m not a journalist, so I’m not be held to the ethics that surround that field professionally.   Cowardly is not explaining how she got her Visa.  Cowardly is having the audacity to tell anybody to do anything for her husband when she isn’t even willing to hold his hand in public.  To lecture Americans about how to be American is pretty offensive in my book.   She might have read about America for years, but we have lived America all our lives.  It doesn’t make us better, but it does make us wise.   My Grandma use to say, “Stay in your place!”.  When you heard her utter those words….they became the most Gangster words a Grandma could say.   It is not a direct suggestion such as Stay in your lane.   It is very authoritarian and commands immediate results.   I think it would behoove her to Stay in her place.   Respect, in this case, is simply a “Shut the fuck up!”Image result for melania trump sad face .gif

Slim Shady, the Snitch in the White House!

Animated cast of OUR CARTOON PRESIDENT. Photo: Courtesy of SHOWTIME

I’m absolutely sure most avid readers of the internet have heard about the op-ed in the New York Times from a supposed Sr. Level person within the White House entitled , ” I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration” with the subtitle heading of, “I work for the president but like-minded colleagues and I have vowed to thwart parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations.” It has been the most focused topic of this evening, closely followed by the release of Bob Woodward’s book Fear. Most of the noise is coming from what’s considered to be Left-leaning Networks such as MSNBC, NBC, CBS, BBC….lets just say every news channel with the exception of FoxNews!  Without a doubt, there’s a peculiar stench in the air and its starting to smell a little like Bar-B-Que Trump butts over hickory wood.

The question remains:  Who wrote the Op-Ed??

I’ll nominate Mike Pence as Snitch of 2018.

Image result for mike pence caricature

If there was a snitch in the White House, this dude has to be suspect #1.  Just the way this man moves denotes that his spirit animal would be a feckless weasel.  Not truly an Alpha type personality, but more like Loki.  A person who aspires for greatness from an inferior position.   The kind of dude who would possibly help aid you in your own demise while plotting for your spot.

Image result for mike pence caricature


He truly seems to be a soulless man who believes in his own ability to “win people over” with his Indiana style potato salad bka bland.  Ever since the heat has turned up on the administration, he has almost faded from existence.   Occasionally you will see clips of him doing “Presidential” things such as visiting the troops abroad, creating camouflage for Trump’s gaffs and looking like the calm, quiet head in Trumps Clique.  We also have to make sure we remember that he was critical for the transition from Obama’s administration.   He was present at that Trump Tower meeting along with Jeff Sessions, the indicted Papadopoulos, the indicted Mike Flynn and a few other characters who happen to be familiar with the Robert Mueller team.  This is the same meeting in which the idea of working with the Russians.  Mike Pence was responsible for the vetting of Mike Flynn.

Just peep his face during these interviews:

You can’t tell me he doesn’t seem shady.

Maybe later I’ll write a more in-depth blog detailing my theory on Pence’s plan to take over the  Presidency, but for now I’ll simply point the finger.   I think that Mike Pence has conspired with other Cabinet officials in the effort to invoke the 25th Amendment.

Here are a few photos of Pence creating propaganda for his I love America campaign.

Image result for mike pence group photos

Image result for mike pence group photosImage result for mike pence group photosImage result for mike pence group photos



Can we admit that Trump is a Douchebag?

Image result for idiot trump


I’ve sat back and refrained from making a lot of comments about Trump, but things have gotten to such a point that I just have to be willing to admit this fact…..Trump is a complete and utter Douche. Not only is he a douche, but he’s the worse kind of punk-ass man there is and it only slaps so many in the face at the fact he’s the President of the United States.

Let me create a partial list of douche like activities:

1. For the first time in U.S. History, Trump has run up a 1 trillion dollar deficit for the 2018 fiscal year.

Image result for trillion dollar deficit

2. He revoked the security clearances for John Brennan because he was criticizing the White House.

Image result for john brennan

3. Trump has placed more unqualified people in positions of power than any other president.

4. The separation of immigrant children from their parents.

Image result for immigrant children
5. Tax cuts for the rich instead of using funds to pay down debt.

6. Had a result free summit with Kim Jung Un.

President Trump gives North Korea leader Kim Jong Un a thumbs up at their meeting at the Capella resort on Sentosa Island in Singapore on Tuesday.


7. Tweets like an angry and bitter woman

Image result for trump's dumb tweets
8. Renig on basic common sense laws that would protect our water and lands from being abused by corporate interest.

Image result for trump's epa
9. Moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem causing a Palestinian protest that got hundreds killed.

Image result for us embassy move to jerusalem
10. Uses subtly racist terminology in order to secure his base.

Image result for trumps racist tweets
11. Equated anti- hate protestors with Nazi’s as in being similar

Image result for charlottesville va rally

The list could go on and on but there’s nothing I’m saying here that you don’t know.

What’s most disturbing is that his followers are equally douchey! The green light of ignorance shines brightly for his followers and they are wasting no time exerting their ignorance on the American populace. From the nerdy tiki torch protest in Charlottesville, Va., to many in his rallies, Trump has proven that he is the imbecile whisperer. Suddenly, tertiary sources from alt-right sites have become as valid as primary sources like newspapers and journals. Truth has been skewed to the point that those in his party have completely lost sight of what it means to be apart of a democratic republic, to have morals and to stand on the side of what’s just and right.

I don’t know about you, but truth be told, if he is found to have conspired with the Russians, then we truly need to consider the death penalty. I know that the penalities of treason have gone from death until Life in jail, but I feel that Democracy won’t mean anything if he does not pay a high price for his crimes if proven guilty.

Review: A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies & Leadership by James Comey

With a high level of anticipation I pre-ordered James Comey’s A Higher Loyalty: Truths, Lies & Leadership. I wasn’t sure what more I could learn from the book, but found it to be reassuring to many of the things I had thought in private. In fear of looking like a mad man who was simply rabid about his own beliefs I often would keep my most critical thoughts to myself. In many ways this book became a comforter in a world that has been growing extremely vitriolic and nasty. The comfort came from the fact that many of my thoughts and perspectives that I seemed to believe prior to reading the book was validated by the book. I found this book to be an honest and well thought out piece that serves to clear any ambiguity that the partisan media and pundits had created.

Imagine being able to be a fly on the wall inside the Oval Office. Or being present when the FBI had to disclose information from the Steele dossier. I think that this will be the closest anyone can get. Comey’s memos allowed him to create a chronology that makes for a compelling argument as to why Donald Trump should not be President. That’s what I gathered, but leave it up to the individual to decide for him/herself.


Personally,  I believe in James Comey as a public servant.  I believe him as a man.  Sometimes, its easier to believe everyone is corrupt  vs. hoping that some are decent people.  In his book, i heard a sincere view and analysis of his surroundings.  He seemed to have a sincere concern for justice in its most noblest form.  If anything,  buy the book because you just want to help out a good dude in a bad situation.   Id almost want Comey for President.

I would recommend actually getting the audio book which is read by Comey himself. I think what makes this a compelling method is because it is him. All the necessary emphasis and tone helps allow the listener to simply listen. So often when we read, we inject our own tones and ideas that we become unable to truly absorb the information that is given. It also is a great way to multi-task.

Whiteness, The straw that broke America

Image result for white trump supporters

As each day goes by, this Shit Show we call the Trump Presidency rolls on with seemingly no end in sight. Every day that goes by so many people are wondering what allows him to be able to stay in office with what seems to be the most unethical form of impunity to exist. Most average Americans secretly know and admit to themselves there is no way in the world Barry Barack Hussein Obama could have gotten away with all the allegations and remain president…or alive. There’s absolutely no rationale that would permit any human with eyes and a brain to act as if Trump isn’t ruining the country. This isn’t simply a matter of political opinion, it soon will be a historical fact. In the end, I have to put fault where it truly lies……and that is at the feet of White Americans, more importantly, GOOD hearted white Americans.  In short, White People and whiteness is/are Fucking up America!

Image result for white people crying about obama as president

I’m sure the declaration of this point has turned off some white people who probably could gain understanding if only they could stomach the criticism, but I shall continue because I think that it’s important to articulate why I believe such, in hopes to possibly spark change in our country.


In short, White People and whiteness are Fucking up America!

In the end, there’s enough blame to go around.  Each demographic had a role in the rise of Trump and to act differently is to deny your place and role in this clusterfuck’d writing of history.  As the old adage says, “If you not apart of the solution, you’re apart of the problem.”  Even I was apart of the problem, so keep note that I am aware that I have 3 fingers pointed back at me.  But I digress……. White People

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In all actuality, it breaks down simply as white people seem unwilling to hold each other accountable.  White Americans seem to suffer from extreme Cognitive Dissonance.  Which is a mental discomfort or psychological stress created by two or more contradictory conflict between beliefsideas, or values .  These contradictions seem to be between the “real world” & their “whiteness”.

Social Psychologist Leon Festinger wrote in A Theory of Cognitive Dissonance (1957)  that people strive for consistency psychologically in order to properly function in the real world.  People who experience internal inconsistencies in regards to their beliefsideas, or values become psychologically uncomfortable and become motivated to reduce the cognitive dissonance.  Therefore, I theorize that the conflict that party politics, American Idealism, and whiteness creates internal psychological stresses that can cause the best of “white folk” to become hypocritical, apathetic and with no real-world idea of social conditions outside of their own cultural identity or the identity they aspire to be a part of.

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One issue that I believe rests at the heart of this matter is that we tend to look at matters of Whiteness too broadly.  If you were raised in a Western Culture, then you probably are less inclined to notice the different degrees of whiteness.  We as humans must recognize the beliefs we place upon ourselves as human beings and the effects, directly or indirectly.   The construct of whiteness has seemingly run amuck.  Often times I believe we give “white people” too much credit for being calculating vs. Some white people’s greed being reflected as a cultural norm.  Every culture has contributed to this tapestry of life and the more we are willing to see ourselves as we truly are….Humans, the better off we will be.  There is no doubt that the cultural norms of the Western World lie in a cast system veiled as some form of democracy.  For those who have truly been in the “Know” know that most common people believe what they are told and not what they’ve learned or discovered.  The Higher cast of the Western World understands the human flaw of just wanting to have a sense of belonging and Being.  That being said, whiteness is only a tool used to create chaos.  Western Military always speak of divide and conquer.  I just think its time we need to figure out whose getting conquered and who is getting divided.

I believe in Ignorance more than I believe in racism.  Ignorance is a big part of nature.  Maybe the blessing of being a human is a gift and a curse.  Maybe knowledge in and of itself must come with a certain balance.  You can have a rocket scientist who can send satellites to orbit, but some of those same people don’t have the ability to fight their way out of a wet paper bag.  It’s this imperfection in man that seems to feed white Americans the most.

Image result for whiteness constructWhiteness is a social construct of the powerful and not necessarily the wise.  Its used as a means of confusion and distraction.  Whiteness allows there to be two scales of criticism.  One is that for white people and the second for everyone else who isn’t white.  This presidency is clearly an example of this fact.  It is also an example of the destructive nature of whiteness. There are so many things in which we are sure that  Barack Obama could have done if whiteness and the Congress weren’t set on undermining his presidency. There was so many things Trump seems to do with ease, with the support of Congress that tears at the very fabric of this democracy.  The danger of Trump can truly be correlated with the danger of being white and also stupid.  If he remains unchecked, the amount of destruction that will befall us will be immeasurable.  The ignorance that befalls people who embrace racial identity politics has never been to the benefit of mankind.  White people in America have yet to truly grasp how the world works and seems to operate from a place of paranoia in which will be the demise of us all.

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