Democracy: The Great American “Untested” handbrake!


I have come to the conclusion that this American notion of Democracy is truly an illusion. Sure we have the drama with Nixon, but he resigned and was pardoned by his successor. The drama with Bill wasn’t even directed in the proper direction. G.W. had his issues, but by American political standards, it was all legal, right? The drama with Barry was clearly racial and egotistical. The Don has somehow eclipsed almost every major tragedy that has happened in the last 20th & 21st centuries. The amount of shade thrown by the Trump administration seems like a surreal nightmare. From the time I fell asleep on the couch and ol’Rodham was down by a few points election night, to the moment I woke up and saw that D had won the presidency, I’ve felt like this is a nightmare that I can’t wake up from. Hadn’t our forefathers structured a handbrake to put the brakes on Political bullshit? What good is the “balance of powers” if no one is willing to exercise the power they have to put the brakes on political “bullshit“? Therefore, I have concluded that Democracy in America thus far is an illusion. We can chalk American Democracy up with the house with the white picket fence on the hill and American exceptionalism. The reason it has been and currently is an illusion is because we do not utilize the tools given to us to prevent situations that will stop us from having to deal with a President with ties to our historical nemesis Russia?  Had Democracy been real, the Don wouldn’t have gotten away with dismantling major foundations of our American Society. No we aren’t even sure if the “handbrake” works! Democracy is untested.

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