The Rise of Cardi B: Why It Appears that Hoes Are Winning!!!!!!
The Rise of Cardi B: Why It Appears that Hoes Are Winning!!!!!!

The Rise of Cardi B: Why It Appears that Hoes Are Winning!!!!!!

“It’s cold outside but I’m still looking like a thottie.. because a hoe never gets cold.” – Cardi B

Bodak Yellow rapper Cardi B.

Recently, Ive noticed that a lot of “Proper” women have been upset with all the attention and success that Stripper turned Reality Tv Star turned Rapper Cardi B. has been receiving.   It’s not just Cardi B. who is receiving a lot of hate from the masses at-large, but perceived Hoes seem to be  on the winning side of life and hard working women aren’t understanding.  To understand this phenomenon you have to also understand the psyche of men and why women such as Cardi B are refreshing for men and oddly an inspiration for young women (For Right or For Wrong).


“A lot of people when they meet me will be like, you are just like your Instagram video. I’m like, b**** I know. That’s who I am.” Cardi B.



Cardi B to most women appears to be the type of woman that people get upset about cutting the lunch line.   She is one of those people who appears to use the haters as her motivators and those haters are angry!  I first found out about Cardi B via my oldest daughter who was following a rather charismatic stripper on Instagram.  At first, I was terrified that my first born Junior high school daughter was following a stripper on the Gram, but after investigating, I found her page nowhere as bad as I imagined.  In actuality, I was in agreement with a large majority of the things she was saying.   Veiled in a rough Dominican-New York accent was a wisdom that I truly thought most chicks probably need to hear and possibly embody.   Many of the things she spoke of spoke to a sense of independence, self-pride and determination.    Its odd saying that a stripper was dropping jewels of deep and profound insight, but in many ways, if anyone was going to teach people to rise from the ashes…..I’m starting to think that Cardi B was that Prophet sent from the land of Honess to help other hoes rise up from the strip club and follow their dreams by any means necessary.

The world met Cardi B on Season 6 of Love & Hip-Hop: New York and she came across very different than many of the other women that were previously on the show.  She wasn’t drama ridden in the same manner so many other women appeared to be entangled.  When people didn’t do Cardi right, you didn’t find her constantly crying the victimized role of “poor Me”, but rather a woman who was introspective and chose to learn from her mistakes and not revisit em.  Her candid nature and her desire to not take any shorts comes across as authentic and refreshing for many men who are use to women trying to comport themselves in a manner that a few degrees off from center.  There seemed to be no shame in her game and because of that her appeal increased.

By the end of her first season, you could hear the murmurs of hateration building.  Criticism of her crooked teeth and her deep Bronx accent were constantly being pointed out in Chat rooms and in the comment section of articles written about her and the show.   During the reunion show she informed people that she was aware of the criticism, but appear unphased.  Not too long after her reunion show her mixtape came out and she was starting to hit all the major cities in obscure venues, but her name was slowly and surely rising higher and higher in web search, popularity and peoples conscious.  By the 7th season she had gotten her teeth fixed and was working on her music.   She retired the pole and started to do shows and appear on shows getting that paper despite her haters!

Without question, the girl that many of the “proper” women consider a hoe is now their man’s ringtone.   Every time they turn around, you hear a Cardi B song on the radio.   So what is her secret????

  1.  she formally was a stripper.   IF you know anything about a stripper who is worth their weight in salt knows that not only are they proficient in twerking and ass clapping, but a great read of men.  Often many strippers know the good guys from the weirdos.   So with a heightened sense of “Ho Vision” Hoes are able to see opportunities that the “proper” women take for granted.
  2.   Hoe’s aren’t afraid of showing their crazy side.
  3.   A hoe’s frank nature is often considered a relief when dealing in a world of women who often are hiding their flaws.
  4.   A hoes since of diplomacy often leaves men not questioning where they stand.
  5. Hoes aren’t afraid to be a little risque
  6. Most modern day ho’s aren’t whores as much as they are opportunist.  Many of todays ho’s aren’t really afraid to cease the moment even if a guy thinks hes going to partake in her honess
  7. A woman who is in touch with herself and her sexuality often is more attractive than a chick who wants you to wait to find out what she’s about.

In the end, Hoes win, because they are willing to put it all out on the floor.   If more women want to have more meaningful and lasting relationships, maybe its time to kill the Claire Huxtable in the back of your mind….and try to be like Cardi B.

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