They Wish They Could Just Hang Us, Like they use to

This isn’t unusual. History states that whenever a person of color or someone of some minority group makes a stance against cultural norms, the fringe, far-right, conservative and the anally wounded segments of society starts to rear their ugly head.   America has always had these moments when a certain segments of our society starts to act a fool.  Fortunately, many of us don’t have to worry about an angry Mob storming our houses and pulling us out in the middle of the night (the exception) but believe me…..if many of these people could have their way, that’s exactly what they would do.

Slim Shady, the Snitch in the White House!

I’m absolutely sure most avid readers of the internet have heard about the op-ed in the New York Times from a supposed Sr. Level person within the White House entitled , ” I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration” with the subtitle heading of, “I work for the president but like-minded colleaguesContinue reading “Slim Shady, the Snitch in the White House!”

Can we admit that Trump is a Douchebag?

  I’ve sat back and refrained from making a lot of comments about Trump, but things have gotten to such a point that I just have to be willing to admit this fact…..Trump is a complete and utter Douche. Not only is he a douche, but he’s the worse kind of punk-ass man there isContinue reading “Can we admit that Trump is a Douchebag?”

Review: A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies & Leadership by James Comey

With a high level of anticipation I pre-ordered James Comey’s A Higher Loyalty: Truths, Lies & Leadership. I wasn’t sure what more I could learn from the book, but found it to be reassuring to many of the things I had thought in private. In fear of looking like a mad man who was simplyContinue reading “Review: A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies & Leadership by James Comey”

What information does Russia have on members of the GOP

For a majority of their existence, people have always attributed security and prudence as traits of the Republican party.   At minimum, it was believed that the GOP had taken the “Pull Up by Bootstraps” class by Booker T. Washington and made it the central focus of their party’s platform.   When it came to patriotism, supportingContinue reading “What information does Russia have on members of the GOP”

Barack Obama needs to get his @$$ home!!!

Yo, I’m sorry, but I’m having the hardest time sitting here watching America fall apart while Barack is in the virgin Islands soaking up sun and playing in the water.   I totally understand that he’s had a tumultuous  8 years, dealing with the Republicans, but Americans needs him and they need him now! IContinue reading “Barack Obama needs to get his @$$ home!!!”