They Wish They Could Just Hang Us, Like they use to
They Wish They Could Just Hang Us, Like they use to

They Wish They Could Just Hang Us, Like they use to

Who hasn’t loved all the angry and confused Trump supporters getting their panties in a bunch over the Nike Ad featuring Colin Kaepernick?  It was no surprise that droves of hypocritical America-Loving, Confederate and Union Flag carrying white Americans and a few sprinkles of minorities took to the streets and to the internet to show their disdain for Nike backing such a “divisive” figure.   Nike, America’s most prominent tennis shoe maker was in the cross-hairs of every right-wing dotard; hence the reason why social media is littered with people taking tennis shoes and jerseys, setting them ablaze for the world to see.   They thought that somehow they were hurting the company, although they had already given the Kaepernick backer their money.   This isn’t unusual. History states that whenever a person of color or someone of some minority group makes a stance against cultural norms, the fringe, far-right, conservative and the anally wounded segments of society starts to rear their ugly head.   America has always had these moments when a certain segments of our society starts to act a fool.  Fortunately, many of us don’t have to worry about an angry Mob storming our houses and pulling us out in the middle of the night (the exception) but believe me…..if many of these people could have their way, that’s exactly what they would do.

Burn Nike Burn

Lynchings have been used in the United States as a means to intimidate, humiliate and terrorize those who were not apart of what was perceived to be the “norm”.   It wasn’t used exclusively on blacks, although blacks were the largest demographic.   Lynchings are evil, but for many whites, it was a form of comradery and entertainment.   Picnics were had and post cards made of black bodies hanging in the midst of a large crowd.  Men, Women & children stood posed for the cameraman to snap his picture next to the body hanging in the tree, or the charred body on the ground.  Lynchings were usually a big social affair that drew white people from far and wide, but during the latter part of the 20th century, it was more done at night, by smaller groups in somewhat isolated parts of the country where news didn’t always travel fast.   It had become the primary way to intimidate and force people to the will of whoever was in power.

Lynchings that occurred during the early part of the 20th Century

The current social climate is ripe for this kind of thing.   Lynchings are a bit extreme, Now, but the energy is used in others ways.  That energy has now turned into burning sneakers, hanging dolls in trees, the random stabbing on the bus stop, shooting kids of color on the playground and the constant humiliation of black citizens in the streets.   It is a sign of the shifting time and where the power plates are shifting underneath our feet.  Insecurity is hitting white America like a ton of bricks and anyone in proximity can get it.

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