Barack Obama needs to get his @$$ home!!!
Barack Obama needs to get his @$$ home!!!

Barack Obama needs to get his @$$ home!!!

Yo, I’m sorry, but I’m having the hardest time sitting here watching America fall apart while Barack is in the virgin Islands soaking up sun and playing in the water.   I totally understand that he’s had a tumultuous  8 years, dealing with the Republicans, but Americans needs him and they need him now!

I wish I could tell that brother to go ahead and enjoy himself, but I cannot lie, things would be totally different had he not run.  Sure….there would be a ton of people without healthcare, the market more than likely would be still struggling, but that’s neither here nor there right now.   The reality is, that there are a ton of people, who are willing and ready to fight for their freedoms, but there’s no real leadership.



This dude is a Constitutional Lawyer, which means, if anyone knows how to put the kabash on this Trump stuff, its him.   One would think that he has a better view on the levers of power than most people.   We need the advantage of his view and wisdom to counter-balance the craze we call the Trump Administration.

Sure, usually one President doesn’t really speak out about the other President’s turn, but is that really a written rule?  Does he truly need to lay low while people suffer all around him?  Well everyone except many of his friends!

I am under the belief that we need to make sure that Barack knows we need him.  If anything, he should be the chair of the DNC.   We need a quarterback bad!!!!!!!  I’m not talking about a corny quarterback like Tom Brady with his fake win, we need a superhero.  We need someone who is willing to get out of the pocket and help us get that first down.   Maybe a McNair type or, maybe a Moon type anybody but people like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

We need to start a campaign of sorts.  Something that will let Barack & Michelle know….that despite the years of their wonderful service, if America time ever needed him, its now!!!!

So who is gonna make that phone call? Who is the person that’s gonna tell Barack that he needs to get his Mom jeans wearing ass home now.   He’s a cool guy and I truly appreciate his service to this country, but his job is not over.


Wanna help, please like and share.  Start a conversation.  Call the DNC….call his new organization.

The news is starting to look similar to the Rise of Hitler on the history channel.   Are we truly gonna wait to see how history can repeat itself?


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