Republicans are set on stupid!!!!!
Republicans are set on stupid!!!!!

Republicans are set on stupid!!!!!

One would think that people are smart enough to know when they aren’t doing something that’s in their best interest, but it just isn’t so.  As much as Republicans hate when people easily label them as misogynist and racist, I wonder if they ever take time to consider why these labels are thrown on them.   It isn’t because its a party mainly consisting of older white males, its because of the things they choose to speak on and the things they don’t.   Its this selective scale of morality that  have they have created that has America looking like its ran by fools to the rest of the world!!!!

In Bulgaria, this is how they see our President:

trump cartoon 11

The United Kingdom:

trump cartoon 1


trump cartoon 6

Our neighbors to the North, Canada:

trump cartoon 5

The United Arab Emirates:

trump cartoon 9

& France:

trump cartoon 3

And this is just a few.

The arrogance of the Grand Old Party has reached epic levels.  Just yesterday Mitch McConnell decided to silence Senator Elizabeth Warren from reading a letter from Coretta King, wife of Martin Luther King, jr., explaining why she would not believe that Sen Jeff Sessions would be a horrible pick for Federal Judge as well as a hindrance to Justice.  He decided to use a rule that had not been used before, to prevent her from reading this letter about the nomination pick of Attorney General.

Yet, no matter how many people complain about the actions of Mr. Trump, the Republicans continue to implement things that are against most Americans.  In all actuality, their efforts to Repeal and Repeat (instead of Replace) the Affordable Care Act might actually do them more harm then good.  Although many Republicans cheered the idea of getting rid of Obamacare, little did they know that Obamacare was truly the Affordable Care Act.   Suddenly, you find many people within their party, of average means feeling scared that the GOP will end up causing more harm than good.

Washington Post: These coal country voters backed Trump. Now they’re worried about losing Obamacare.

There’s little that can be said about the depth of self-inflicted pain in which many White Republican party members are causing themselves, but it seems to be on Par with anybody who has lost a grasp of reality.   These people are simply ready to sink the ship in hopes of establishing the days of old, that ultimately many were never apart of.



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