Whiteness, The straw that broke America
Whiteness, The straw that broke America

Whiteness, The straw that broke America

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As each day goes by, this Shit Show we call the Trump Presidency rolls on with seemingly no end in sight. Every day that goes by so many people are wondering what allows him to be able to stay in office with what seems to be the most unethical form of impunity to exist. Most average Americans secretly know and admit to themselves there is no way in the world Barry Barack Hussein Obama could have gotten away with all the allegations and remain president…or alive. There’s absolutely no rationale that would permit any human with eyes and a brain to act as if Trump isn’t ruining the country. This isn’t simply a matter of political opinion, it soon will be a historical fact. In the end, I have to put fault where it truly lies……and that is at the feet of White Americans, more importantly, GOOD hearted white Americans.  In short, White People and whiteness is/are Fucking up America!

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I’m sure the declaration of this point has turned off some white people who probably could gain understanding if only they could stomach the criticism, but I shall continue because I think that it’s important to articulate why I believe such, in hopes to possibly spark change in our country.


In short, White People and whiteness are Fucking up America!

In the end, there’s enough blame to go around.  Each demographic had a role in the rise of Trump and to act differently is to deny your place and role in this clusterfuck’d writing of history.  As the old adage says, “If you not apart of the solution, you’re apart of the problem.”  Even I was apart of the problem, so keep note that I am aware that I have 3 fingers pointed back at me.  But I digress……. White People

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In all actuality, it breaks down simply as white people seem unwilling to hold each other accountable.  White Americans seem to suffer from extreme Cognitive Dissonance.  Which is a mental discomfort or psychological stress created by two or more contradictory conflict between beliefsideas, or values .  These contradictions seem to be between the “real world” & their “whiteness”.

Social Psychologist Leon Festinger wrote in A Theory of Cognitive Dissonance (1957)  that people strive for consistency psychologically in order to properly function in the real world.  People who experience internal inconsistencies in regards to their beliefsideas, or values become psychologically uncomfortable and become motivated to reduce the cognitive dissonance.  Therefore, I theorize that the conflict that party politics, American Idealism, and whiteness creates internal psychological stresses that can cause the best of “white folk” to become hypocritical, apathetic and with no real-world idea of social conditions outside of their own cultural identity or the identity they aspire to be a part of.

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One issue that I believe rests at the heart of this matter is that we tend to look at matters of Whiteness too broadly.  If you were raised in a Western Culture, then you probably are less inclined to notice the different degrees of whiteness.  We as humans must recognize the beliefs we place upon ourselves as human beings and the effects, directly or indirectly.   The construct of whiteness has seemingly run amuck.  Often times I believe we give “white people” too much credit for being calculating vs. Some white people’s greed being reflected as a cultural norm.  Every culture has contributed to this tapestry of life and the more we are willing to see ourselves as we truly are….Humans, the better off we will be.  There is no doubt that the cultural norms of the Western World lie in a cast system veiled as some form of democracy.  For those who have truly been in the “Know” know that most common people believe what they are told and not what they’ve learned or discovered.  The Higher cast of the Western World understands the human flaw of just wanting to have a sense of belonging and Being.  That being said, whiteness is only a tool used to create chaos.  Western Military always speak of divide and conquer.  I just think its time we need to figure out whose getting conquered and who is getting divided.

I believe in Ignorance more than I believe in racism.  Ignorance is a big part of nature.  Maybe the blessing of being a human is a gift and a curse.  Maybe knowledge in and of itself must come with a certain balance.  You can have a rocket scientist who can send satellites to orbit, but some of those same people don’t have the ability to fight their way out of a wet paper bag.  It’s this imperfection in man that seems to feed white Americans the most.

Image result for whiteness constructWhiteness is a social construct of the powerful and not necessarily the wise.  Its used as a means of confusion and distraction.  Whiteness allows there to be two scales of criticism.  One is that for white people and the second for everyone else who isn’t white.  This presidency is clearly an example of this fact.  It is also an example of the destructive nature of whiteness. There are so many things in which we are sure that  Barack Obama could have done if whiteness and the Congress weren’t set on undermining his presidency. There was so many things Trump seems to do with ease, with the support of Congress that tears at the very fabric of this democracy.  The danger of Trump can truly be correlated with the danger of being white and also stupid.  If he remains unchecked, the amount of destruction that will befall us will be immeasurable.  The ignorance that befalls people who embrace racial identity politics has never been to the benefit of mankind.  White people in America have yet to truly grasp how the world works and seems to operate from a place of paranoia in which will be the demise of us all.

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