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With the vastness of the internet, it has become inevitable that a well meaning music head will start to lose sight of what’s hip and fresh. The internet is a monster to tame and finding good music has become a lot harder to run by. No algorithm can replace a good ear and vibe. Often you find out that you paid a whole years subscription to own absolutely nothing fs money gets tight. The playlist becomes mundane and often the deepest of heads cannot find time to do the proper research and time it takes to find musical gems.

So this segment of the site is dedicated to attempting to put people “on” to what may be right under their noses. If you are subscribed to a service ( Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Google…etc) and don’t have an organized music listing system, you truly are wasting your money. It would be more cost efficient to download the 8 or 9 albums you listen to and use an app like TuneIn or Radio.Com….or simply the radio. Hopefully, the artist highlighted here will help you maximize the use of your subscription services.


It is really hard and refreshing not to be able to put someone into a box and this brother and his social collective seem to be on to something rather cool, real and quintessentially “Cool”. What is more than evident is the influence of Hip-Hop in its most basic form. Although he was born in Jamaica, it looks like he was cultivated in the VA. Son of religious folks, he still sites Cab Calloway, Andre 3000 and John P. Kee as influences. Like the crew around him, they all seem to focus on being focused and dedicated to each individual track they lay down. Similar to the notion that classical music has its “Movements”, his music movements remind you of hanging out with a friend who just has really good musical talent and you’re chilling in his studio.

Nothing is more evident of that than the track Old Age

The themes of the music are funny, reflective, catchy and will sound good on any stereo system on your way from home.

I first found out about this dude on YouTube with another artist I will introduce you to momentarily. So the first video I found was when I was looking at performances from the Red Bull Studios in the UK. I often watch foreign internet channels and artist, because it seems like they might be on to something we Americans just typically aren’t, but we should be.

If you’re like me, after seeing this video…..I was like “Okay!!!!!”!!! Who’s the white boy with dreads?!?!?!?

FKJ ( French Kiwi Juice)

The dude right there Ladies and gentlemen is the big and bad FKJ

Ever since I studied French in high school, I’ve always found myself attracted to the French culture. They’ve always seemed to have a great ear for R&B, Jazz & Hip-Hop. I use to listen to Mc Solaar, I kept LaHaine on repeat. With my affinity towards most things French, it gives me great pleasure to put you on to FKJ.

When you say one cool MoFo, this dude is the personification of cool and music talent. A lot of people are amazed when they know an artist plays multiple instruments, but this dude does it all at the same time. You already saw all he could do in that Tadow Video, but just imagine this:

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