Ahmaud Arbery shouldn’t have been killed……
Ahmaud Arbery shouldn’t have been killed……

Ahmaud Arbery shouldn’t have been killed……

Ahmaud Arbery shouldnt have been killed. Let’s be honest for a moment though…

I’m not condoning the killing of anyone…..

But after today…I bet a lot of black parents are lecturing their kids about minding their own damn business and not to take unnecessary risks.

He should not have been killed! But as a black man in America…….. I know….that Ahmaud could’ve possibly avoided all this if…he had in fact kept jogging/walking or whatever else he was doing around there. He had no business….going up into anyone else’s stuff in a neighborhood ( particularly white) where he wasn’t invited.

Ahmaud Arbery allegedly inside of a house in which was having renovations done. Images were captured by CCTV left on premises.

You can talk about his freedom and his right to whatever in theory….but the reality of being a Black man in America doesn’t give a fuck about all that. Everyday it’s real world scenarios!!!!! Being a black man, is to understand and be aware of the consequences of your actions before you act. To become an actuary of your own fate knowing the rules vary due to perceptions, scenarios, situation and circumstances. To be a black man….more than any other race or gender that I’ve witnessed is to be guilty before being innocent.

Clips from news images of Ahmaud Arbery running and images after having been shot by the McMichaels

Knowing these facts to be true….I operate accordingly, if I want to survive. Again..I’m not condoning the killers….and I’m not admonishing Ahmaud….. I’m doing what I have to do to continue to survive as a black man…….. I’m learning…….

The McMichaels who attempted to make a citizens arrest on Ahmaud Arbery.

The killing of Ahmaud is horrific. Not completely implausible, but if you’ve lived long enough to understand how America truly works, then nothing is really surprising anymore.

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