They Wish They Could Just Hang Us, Like they use to

This isn’t unusual. History states that whenever a person of color or someone of some minority group makes a stance against cultural norms, the fringe, far-right, conservative and the anally wounded segments of society starts to rear their ugly head.   America has always had these moments when a certain segments of our society starts to act a fool.  Fortunately, many of us don’t have to worry about an angry Mob storming our houses and pulling us out in the middle of the night (the exception) but believe me…..if many of these people could have their way, that’s exactly what they would do.

Slim Shady, the Snitch in the White House!

I’m absolutely sure most avid readers of the internet have heard about the op-ed in the New York Times from a supposed Sr. Level person within the White House entitled , ” I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration” with the subtitle heading of, “I work for the president but like-minded colleaguesContinue reading “Slim Shady, the Snitch in the White House!”

Bank vs Bitcoin: the epic saga of sidestepping the central banks

I’m starting to realize that blockchain platforms are being used by a lot of people as a quick Get Rich scheme, I also realize that there is a lot of benefit to having study the concepts of cryptocurrency. It’s all just a matter of reading in between the lines and trying to figure out whatContinue reading “Bank vs Bitcoin: the epic saga of sidestepping the central banks”