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Traore Travel Club (formerly Traore Travels, Inc.) was started by Dr. Edna R. O’Connor, PhD in 1987 with the purpose of taking African-Americans out into the world to experience the African Diaspora. Rooted in the firm belief that international travel helps people put the world into perspective and cultivates the soul.
Since its inception, Traore Travels has provided high quality trips to many countries and continents for 32 years. We insure that our amenities are of high quality and after a long day of touring & shopping, your hotel will provide you comforts that will allow you to rest & relax.
Our trips include flights, hotels, meals, tours, transportation (within the country of destination) & taxes. Our concierge service that is included with the trip also insures that all your paperwork (passport application (if needed), passports and visas) are all up to date and current so that you can travel drama free. Videos & State Department Information on the destination will be provided so that you are physically and mentally prepared for your adventure.
We consult and provide trips for Groups, Organizations, Clubs and Colleges & Universities.
We hope that you’ll choose Traore Travel Club for your next vacation or tour!

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Traore Travel Club is a servicemark of Acres 1881, LLC.