What information does Russia have on members of the GOP

For a majority of their existence, people have always attributed security and prudence as traits of the Republican party.   At minimum, it was believed that the GOP had taken the “Pull Up by Bootstraps” class by Booker T. Washington and made it the central focus of their party’s platform.   When it came to patriotism, supporting our troops and tough compassion, you always knew that this would be the general angle Republicans would take towards any reform issued by them.  The one thing you could bet, that the Republicans were anti-communism and anti-russia, but lately, the actions of a lot of Republicans have become uncharacteristically odd.

This Special Investigation of the Trump Collusion fiasco has started to truly make me wonder, who is truly down for America?   I know that many FoxNews watchers are skeptical of Russian involvement, but it seems that almost every other news outlet in the known world seems to be under the impression that the Russians did in fact influence, if not turned the 2016 election into a win for Donald Trump.   As the information comes out, what you find out that the Trump Campaign wasn’t honest and forthright about all their involvements with Russian government officials (i.e. Jeff Sessions, Jared Kushner, Mike Flynn, Donald Trump Jr. ….etc.), yet you’ll be hard pressed to find a Republican that is interested trying to parcel out fact from fiction.

What’s up with that?

“It’s a significant issue. … We know they were messing around with it. We don’t think they had any impact on the outcome, but obviously we’re not going to ignore something like that.” – Mitch McConnell

“We have a special counsel that is doing investigation over at the Justice Department, we have an investigation here in the House, we have an investigation in the Senate, I think it is very important that these professionals and these committees do their job so we can get to the bottom of all of this.” – Paul Ryan

Mitch McConnell has done everything he can to dance around trying to get to the bottom of this issue, but based off of his comments, you wouldn’t be wrong to say he doesn’t seem serious about it.  It is no hidden tactic that when confronted with hard direct questions, McConnell will play as dumb and deaf as a doorknob.  Somehow, for todays’ press, this is accepted and not challenged.   He does everything he can to fain that he’s concerned by starting a Senate Investigative committee, but the Republicans are in control of the House and the Senate, so any real attempts to investigate seem more like a facade of an investigation than a true investigation.

There has been so much back dealing  done by the Republicans, that the concept of transparency seems like fantasia, more than an actual real concept.

When there have been Republicans that have stood against the Trump Administration or other Republicans, it seems that with this tax bill, they take the opposition into a back room, have a conversations and the opposition comes out of the backroom with a shameful grin and a commitment to vote along party lines.  Even Kevin McCarthy has stated that Donald Trump called him with a list of Representatives to apply pressure to and it appears that pressure has worked.  The thing about it is, most of the Republican opposition wasn’t based in procedural issues, but mainly moral ones that seem to be beaten out of them once they enter that “back room”.

So what happens in this “back room”?!?!?!

Let’s assume that Trump did have connections with the Russians, who are known to collect embarrassing and compromising information on people.  If there’s a possibility that the Russians have information on Trump, why wouldn’t it be concluded that they have information on other, less significant people?  Why does it seem that some of the Republicans who have made moral stances and stick by them are choosing to stand their ground and not run for re-election, but those who made a moral stance and are running for re-election have been taken into a back room and seem to convincingly change their moral position?

With all the scandals that seem to be unfolding, one has to wonder what kind of skeletons exist that can cause people with a “supposedly” moral position, give up their morals to side with the Trump Administration and the Russian plot to cause chaos amongst Western Democracies?  We already know from the dossier that was initially sponsored by a republican opponent of Trump during the primaries, that Trump had a very sordid past.  His Miss Universe pageant in Russia provided Trump with a lot of time to be in close proximity with Russian governmental officials.   We know he has constantly uttered that he has no involvement with the Russia despite the facts.

So I think its important that we keep an eye on these Republicans (and shady Sen. Manchin-D) and ask the hard questions of them.   Its one thing to think you smell smoke, but when you see it, there’s no doubt somewhere…there’s a fire.   If Russia has a ton of information on our governmental leaders, maybe its time we consider voting them out and electing candidates that haven’t started off rich or seem to be a tool of the Russians!