The Impudence of Melania Trump
The Impudence of Melania Trump

The Impudence of Melania Trump

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Melania Trump has the audacity to criticize whoever the New York Times Op-Ed Sr. Level dude is by crafting some kind of smart-ass response.  It’s almost jaw-dropping to think she’d have the gall to actually weigh in on anything political.  Maybe it is safe to assume that Donald Trump actually forced her to put out a comment.   To believe that she’d actually decide to weigh into a political discourse is akin to watching a solar eclipse.  You see it happening…..understand the science, yet you still can’t believe that its happening.

In black communities, there’s a phrase that we use……Stay in your lane!   Stay in your lane means, stay out of business that has nothing to do with you.  I think the military says something like…” it’s above your pay-grade”.    For her to have anything to say about her political ideas always falls on deaf ears.  People struggle to understand her, she’s always walking around trying to model something.

After Michelle Obama, this is truly a fall from grace.   She operates like an Eastern European Stepford wife.  At least when Michelle Obama spoke, you could relate to her.  She came across completely humble, but still had an air that commanded respect.  Melania Trump simply leaves you with a confused look upon our countenances.  Bewildered, confused and haunted by her naked photos that once circulated across newsfeeds on Facebook.

But let’s look at her statement:

“To the writer of the op-ed — you are not protecting this country, you are sabotaging it with your cowardly actions.”

What is it that he/she is sabotaging?   Cowardly actions?   Bih….really?  She must have forgotten who she is married to, but that’s hard to believe.   She hardly wants to even hold his hand, but she has the audacity to tell someone else how to deal with her husband?  Maybe it’s unfair and fortunately, I’m not a journalist, so I’m not be held to the ethics that surround that field professionally.   Cowardly is not explaining how she got her Visa.  Cowardly is having the audacity to tell anybody to do anything for her husband when she isn’t even willing to hold his hand in public.  To lecture Americans about how to be American is pretty offensive in my book.   She might have read about America for years, but we have lived America all our lives.  It doesn’t make us better, but it does make us wise.   My Grandma use to say, “Stay in your place!”.  When you heard her utter those words….they became the most Gangster words a Grandma could say.   It is not a direct suggestion such as Stay in your lane.   It is very authoritarian and commands immediate results.   I think it would behoove her to Stay in her place.   Respect, in this case, is simply a “Shut the fuck up!”Image result for melania trump sad face .gif

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