Last Night: The Drama with Jeff
Last Night: The Drama with Jeff

Last Night: The Drama with Jeff


The Drama With Jeff

The line between reality and television can only be measured by nanometers at this point.  To wake up this morning and to find yet another issue with the Trump administration only makes you wonder if this mess has been orchestrated by a room filled with script writers.  I’m not sure Homeland, 24 or House of Cards could write a script so riddled with drama, but according to the morning press, the drama seems to be far from over.

Attorney Jeff Sessions has been accused of a similar crime in which had Secretary Flynn resign from the State Department.  What crime might you ask?  The crime of speaking with Russian officials during the campaign season.   Not only did he meet with the Russian Ambassador once, but twice.  His current argument of defense is that he did not speak to that he Ambassador about the election although all his meetings came after Sessions signed on board with the Trump Campaign.

The jury is still out, but the smoke is getting thicker.  They typically say…where there’s smoke theirs fire, but with the way these scandals are adding up, where there’s smoke also could hold the high possibility of treason.

Just when I was willing to write Pres. Obama off, reportings are starting to reveal that his administration worked vehemently to scatter information about the 2016 election all around the government as to prevent the current administration from deleting or erasing the information.  Now I understand why Mr. Trump was so willing to say that President Obama was behind the leaks.   This could be the best play by President Obama’s administration.

Just as Jeff Sessions was dismantling all the progress the justice Department had done under Eric Holder & Loretta Lynch, suddenly he is under fire for supposedly engaging the Russians in what is considered an effort to hack the America elections while undermining the concepts of democracy.  With all this news out, it gives perspective to the demeanor of Sessions during his hearing.  As he testified to his quality of character before Congress, he seemed to always have a devilish smirk.   Typically smirks are no indication of misdoings, but it was the timing of his smirks that made me suspicious.

More information is surely going to be released over the next few days, so keep your eye on the clusterfcuk called the Trump Administration!

LINKS about Jeff Sessions & the Russians:

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