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Acres1881.Com was created to serve as a portal for those who would like to enhance the quality of the world around them.  Through the exploration and curating of Art, Music, Culture & Politics, we’d like to help bring some different perspectives into view/consideration.  In a world filled with unlimited amounts of information, we recognize that sometimes in order to appreciate the world around us, it’s important to take time for meaningful exploration of the world around us.


We hope to be able to provide you with meaningful experiences by the examination of life through Art   &Music.  Helping to create a more personal appreciation by creating avenues in which allow our Readers, Listeners & Viewers to have a personal relationships with them.


Through the observation and conversations of Culture & Politics, we hope to create meaningful dialogue about matters in which need addressing and hopefully come up with some solutions.

The highest goal for this site is to create a platform that engages and captivates the mind, spirit, body and imagination, helping to add vibrant color to everyone’s lives.

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