A.I.R. : Acres Internet Radio

 ā€œIā€™d like to point out to people the divine in a musical language that transcends words. I want to speak to their souls.ā€  – John Coltrane

Thank you for taking your time to check out A.I.R.  Hope that everyone is staying safe.  The Covid-19 pandemic has affected every part of the world and we are no different .  Due to the pandemic, our launch and all of our plans as a company came to a screeching hault.  Around the same time of our Soft Launch, D-Nice took to IG and the game was no longer the same.  Its hard to push out a product when the market was filled with Novice to Professional DJs going Live for the world.   

We decided to take a step back and tend to our families and left this artistic project of sound to continue spinning its wheels without interference.  Now we are back!!!!!!!!!!

Please stay tune for further updates about our official launching, the app and much more!

The Great Elephant

Programs & Shows

Jazz Head Easy Sunday Mornings Throwback Lounge Night-Time Smooth Straight Ahead The Lyricist Lounge Sounds of Soul The Finest Funk Sampled Clearly Back in the Day Buffet