The Great Elephant


DJ Subwoof

DJ SubWoof is the wildly dope curator of the vinyl mines. In 1979 at the age of five, he was put on this earth to rock the crowd with one record-Shake Your Pants by Cameo. Seeing how he moved the crowd for men, women, and children, he went on a quest to acquire all the dope jams. To this day, he’s turning the tables for folks to get nice to. If you find yourself movin and groovin to a rare gem of song, more than likely you are getting down to a DJ SubWoof mix. So, if you find yourself in that kind of situation, let go and get down with DJ SubWoof. Keep rockin my friends

DJ Fundraiser


A Minnesota Native, DJ Fundraiser is extremely passionate about his craft. His father was a well known DJ, MC and radio personality. His step- father is a famous musician and producer. Inspired by their work, DJ Fundraiser began his musical journey playing the trumpet. At the age of 15 he made his first mixtape. At 18 he began performing at local house parties, rapidly becoming the DJ of choice for the area. For the next ten years he studied the club scene and DJ’s worldwide while developing his craft.
DJ Fundraiser entered the Twin Cities club scene in 2007. Swiftly, he drew the attention of local promoters and club owners citywide. Today he is one of the Twin Cities most sought after talents. FM Radio Career DJ Fundraiser is a mix-show DJ as well as a personality on KMOJ 89.9. He is a regular fill in for The Drivetime Show, Tite@Nite, The Quiet Storm and The Weekend Groove. He has also appeared KFAI 90.3 and WFNU 94.1.


A child of the eighties, DJ Rin developed her love of music by sonically appreciating artistic like Earth Wind & Fire, Michael Jackson, Hall & Oates, Whitney Houston and Aerosmith in their original format — vinyl .  Though she was born in Syracuse, Rin reps the North Carolina area, and Tarheel State.  Early on, she was steeped in the soul influences of the South and has infused that into her musical DNA.   During her  college schooling, she was a leader in a student run station, WHBC 830AM Radio.  After college, she never lost her passion for music, though she has a blossoming market career.  When night comes along, DJ Rin is ready with her earphones and musical journey for her listeners.  Chiseled through her foundation of diverse regional United States; influences, Rin solidified her interests in music by appreciating sounds from many different art forms – from pop to gospel to hip-hop.  Now, she utilizes her cadres of musical influences to craft a socially uplifting musical experience for her listeners.  She is gifted in understanding the crowd’s ears & specializes in all types of music, including, 90s, neo-soul, r&b and hip-hop.