A.I.R. (Acres Internet Radio)

A.I.R. (Acres Internet Radio)

A.I.R. (Acres Internet Radio)  coming soon….

In the meantime, here’s our Djs:

The Great Elephant

The Great Elephant, is a connoisseur of good music.  From Classical to Hip-Hop, his crates are deep.   One of his favorite pastimes is spinning the funk from the late 70’s and early 80’s.   He will not call himself a Dj, but more so crate digger with the propensity to spin.  During his early college years, he hosted a morning show playing jazz and rare finds for the students at Tuskegee University.  From an early age, his love for music was profound and its culminated into a man who wants to share music and put people on to the classical unheard.   His notion towards spinning music for people, is to help curate them through the vasts amounts of music available in the digital market today.   A crate digger, Jazz head and avid proponent of Hip-Hop, Culture and good vibes.  The Great Elephant is a host for the people.

DJ SubWoof

DJ SubWoof is the wildly dope curator of the vinyl mines. In 1979 at the age of five, he was put on this earth to rock the crowd with one record-Shake Your Pants by Cameo. Seeing how he moved the crowd for men, women, and children, he went on a quest to acquire all the dope jams. To this day, he’s turning the tables for folks to get nice to. If you find yourself movin and groovin to a rare gem of song, more than likely you are getting down to a DJ SubWoof mix. So, if you find yourself in that kind of situation, let go and get down with DJ SubWoof. Keep rockin my friends