SheaMoisture vs PRIDE: Trying to be a Black Company while dealing with Black People

I have been having a series of guerrilla warfare battles on Facebook with a bunch of my friends over the whole entire Shea Moisture controversy and have decided that I cannot accept the current narrative being peddled around by many black women and brothers who act like they get it!   What I truly findContinue reading “SheaMoisture vs PRIDE: Trying to be a Black Company while dealing with Black People”

What I don’t get about you series: LGBTQ Community & Dave Chapelle

  I have been trying to wrap my head around some things and in effort to increase dialogue, I’m going to put my grievances into a series called My Problem with you. I have been relatively quiet as I watched the LGBTQ community make its strides for social progress. On a social and political front,Continue reading “What I don’t get about you series: LGBTQ Community & Dave Chapelle”

Last Night: The Drama with Jeff

  The Drama With Jeff The line between reality and television can only be measured by nanometers at this point.  To wake up this morning and to find yet another issue with the Trump administration only makes you wonder if this mess has been orchestrated by a room filled with script writers.  I’m not sureContinue reading “Last Night: The Drama with Jeff”

Republicans are set on stupid!!!!!

One would think that people are smart enough to know when they aren’t doing something that’s in their best interest, but it just isn’t so.  As much as Republicans hate when people easily label them as misogynist and racist, I wonder if they ever take time to consider why these labels are thrown on them.Continue reading “Republicans are set on stupid!!!!!”

Barack Obama needs to get his @$$ home!!!

Yo, I’m sorry, but I’m having the hardest time sitting here watching America fall apart while Barack is in the virgin Islands soaking up sun and playing in the water.   I totally understand that he’s had a tumultuous  8 years, dealing with the Republicans, but Americans needs him and they need him now! IContinue reading “Barack Obama needs to get his @$$ home!!!”


THE BETRAYAL OF WHITENESS As a black man and having tried my best to be a considerate, intelligent and thoughtful human being, there’s a reality that I have to face when it comes to white people. Yes, It’s a horrible thing to do in regards to generalizations, but let’s be honest, this is the worldContinue reading “THE BETRAYAL OF WHITENESS”